The Christmas Veg War Has Begun

The Christmas Veg War Has Begun

For the last couple of years the supermarkets have all tried to beat each other by slashing the price of Christmas dinner vegetables in the run up to Christmas. Last year prices dropped as low as 19p at Aldi and 20p at Asda! Some large supermarkets overstocked so much that they were giving them away for free on Christmas Eve! We doubt they will make the same mistake again, but here are what the main supermarkets have as Christmas veg deals:

Lidl Pick Of The Week Veg: 19p

Lidl* have beaten all the supermarkets with their 19p Christmas dinner veg offer! From Thursday 20th December you'll be able to grab these in stores:

Asda Christmas Dinner Veg: 20p

Asda* were the cheapest of the big four supermarkets last year, with Christmas veg essentials like potatoes, carrots, parsnips and sprouts down to just 20p a pack, and they have done the same again this year:

  • Carrots 1kg 20p
  • Parsnips 500g 20p
  • Sprouts 500g 20p
  • Broccoli 360g 20p

Aldi Super Six Veg: 19p /28p

Aldi* have launched their festive veggie Super Six, with some of them priced at just 19p per pack, and others at 28p per pack.

  • Parsnips 500g 19p
  • Brussels Sprouts 500g 19p
  • Carrots 1kg 19p
  • Swede 28p
  • Red/White Cabbage 28p
  • White potatoes 2.5kg 28p

Tesco Festive Five Veg: 29p

Tesco* have just dropped the price of five festive veggies to just 29p per pack. The offer started on 14th December and runs until 28th December, and includes the following:

Sainsbury's Christmas Dinner Essential Veg: 30p

Sainsbury's* will be selling packs of selected Christmas dinner essential veg for just 30p per pack, from 20th December. No potatoes though, so it still looks as if Lidl, Asda and Tesco are beating them with better offers. Here's what's on offer:

Morrisons Christmas Dinner Veg: 50p or 3 for £1

Morrisons* are running an in-store only offer with 3 for £1 on packs of Christmas dinner veggies, making them 33p a pack. Here's what's on offer:

  • Morrisons Brown Onions 1kg
  • Morrisons Carrots 1kg
  • Morrisons Brussels Sprouts 500g
  • Morrisons Parsnips 500g
  • Morrisons Swede
  • Morrisons White Potatoes 2.5kg

Marks & Spencer Selected Veg: 40p

Marks & Spencer* have joined in with the main and budget supermarkets, ans though they can't quite match the 29p prices, 40p for a bag of quality M&S veggies is a bargain. Here's what's on offer at 40p each in M&S stores:

  • British White Potatoes 2kg 40p
  • British Carrots 1kg 40p
  • British Parsnips 500g 40p
  • British Brussels Sprouts 500g 40p

Co-op Food Fresh Six Veg: 49p

Co-op food* are offering their festive Fresh 6 offer with six Christmas dinner veggies for 49p per pack:

  • Co-op Washed White Potatoes 1.5kg 49p
  • Co-op Brocolli 49p
  • Co-op Carrots 49p
  • Co-op Parsnips 500g 49p
  • Co-op Brussels Sprouts 450g 49p
  • Co-op Wrapped Swede 500g 49p

Now we all know that these cheap veggies are a loss leader to get us into the stores and then get us to spend a small fortune on mince pies, turkeys and xmas puddings, but it's also great news for cutting food costs in the run up to Christmas. Soups, stews and lots of roast dinners will be coming up in our house, for a fraction of the usual cost!

Main image: Tesco Groceries

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  • Julie L.

    I get veg you get meat :joy::joy::joy: xx

    • Neil C.

      Bring it on all our rabbits love extras :thumbsup:

      • Vikki O.

        Am happy to pay more at Tesco as they've sent me loads of money off vouchers over the past few weeks & I haven't had to spend ridiculous amounts to use them

        • Paulina S.

          for your Christmas dinner

          • Becky C.

            Mines will need to be asda I'm not traveling with all the veg :joy: xx

            • Chloë G.

              M&S is doing 40p a bag which I know is cheaper than the above shops but a great bargain for M&S for anyone who likes to get some M&S treats over Christmas!

              • Ang M.

                Aldi fruit and veg doesn't last so Tesco for us

                • Courtney S.

                  omg they just keep coming :joy:

                  • Michael A.

                    we going vegetarian

                    • Ann C.

                      Someone else can take my parsnips

                      • Loraine E.

                        I best get down there early thurs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

                        • Karen R.

                          Bloody hell thats cheap X

                          • Maureen L.

                            I’ll be getting my veg there x