Tesco Drop Christmas Dinner Veg To 29p A Pack

Tesco Drop Christmas Dinner Veg To 29p A Pack

It looks like Christmas 2017 is going to see a replay of last year's supermarket wars, as the big players all fight for our Christmas grocery shop.

Tesco have started early with this fab offer in all the essential Christmas Dinner Veg as it's down to just 29p a pack from today right up until Christmas Eve!

Here's what you can get for just 29p per pack:

This will certainly make a difference to the Christmas food shopping bill, as with all that you only need to grab the meat and stuffing and you main course is sorted!

We will expect to see the other supermarkets hitting back with their own offers too, as last year we saw prices of the main Christmas dinner veg dropping to a crazy 19p!

Watch this space!

Thanks to Chanchi32


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  • Sarah M.

    Ah god we’ve ordered it for today aswell lol xx

    • Lorraine S.

      I’m going to buy it , Blanche it and feeeze it , so I can use it Christmas Day

      • Jessica T.

        I've been thinking about doing this but can I ask what branching Is? Sounds silly I know :see_no_evil:

        • Karen H.

          Cut it up to the size you would normally boil then pop it in boiling water for a few minutes remove and run under cold water until veg is cold then freeze

        • Roslyn D.

          Some1 had up asda droppin there to 20p

          • Gaeleen B.

            The Tesco offer runs to boding day so plenty of time to buy when you want. Great for cheap meals in the mean while. Cauliflower cheese mmmmm

            • Gaeleen B.

              So for the typo offer on till Boxing Day.

            • Helen D.

              Just shows how much profit they normally make to sell them at this price

              • Natalie L.

                To be fair they drop the prices knowing people will go in to buy it... And will buy other stuff too. But I agree should be this cheap all year round xx

                • Helen D.

                  Oh yes always an ulterior motive:rolling_eyes::joy:

                  • Daniel B.

                    Aldi actually lower the prices below profit and are happy to take a loss just to get the customers in!

                    • Tracy M.

                      They’ll make a loss on this veg but ppl will purchase other items

                      • Susan W.

                        Wen they do special offers like this they expect the growers to absorb the loss.

                      • Lauren M.

                        Lidl are doing the same, sprouts, carrots, parsnips and potatoes 29p a pack

                        • Jenny A.

                          Do u only eat veg in Christmas day then? Perfect for my roast dinner on Sunday x

                          • Lucy A.

                            How can farmers afford this?

                            • Michelle S.

                              I just hope Tesco take the profit void rather than the grower

                              • Aaron G.

                                Looks like I'll be off to Tescos then

                                • Nikki S.

                                  Asda b doing there's soon and aldi x

                                  • Laura-jane E.

                                    Go to aldi 19 p veg last year!!

                                    • Laura J.

                                      Wow...Aldi will probly do it for 10p after they see this

                                      • Emily P.

                                        Its till christmas eve apparently xx

                                        • Natalie K.

                                          You could blanch it & stick in freezer so all the prep is done now!

                                          • Pamela B.

                                            No it's not freeze them .

                                            • Jonny N.

                                              Xmas dinner for a 5er then :joy: minus Turkey

                                              • Catherine M.

                                                why am I excited bout 29p veg lol

                                                • Dot H.

                                                  Asda is going to do theirs for 20p i work there iv seen the booklet for next week

                                                  • PlayPennies

                                                    Fab, thanks Dot, we'll keep an eye out for that :)

                                                  • Rachel R.

                                                    Already get mine delivered from asda, tescos veg goes minging xx