Tesco Barbara Daley Even Smoother Eye Primer Review

When it comes to make up, I generally stick with what I know. This means my brand and the types of make up I wear hasn't changed for years. Typically, cream foundation, maybe some concealer, a bit of mascara, plus eyeliner and shadow if going out, some blusher. Lipstick has never worked well on my odd shaped mouth.

As you get older though you have to change what you wear and how you wear it. I don't really know why. It just seems like what worked before doesn't, and even the colours that used to really suit you have changed. How weird is that?

I've been having problems around the eye area and didn't really know how to fix this. I just didn't like the way that I'd been putting on the eye make up looked, even though it had been just fine before.

I can't really afford to splash out on make up though, as I just don't wear it that often. One area I've never explored at all is makeup from the supermarket. I don't know why, since I pretty much buy all my clothes from there these days. The combination of price and fit works too well for me to resist.

Would it be the same with eye makeup? Tesco sent me some samples of their new BD Even Smoother Eye Primer to try out, and here's what happened.

Tesco's BD Even Smoother Eye Primer10) is the latest addition to its Barbara Daley range of cosmetics. The primer comes in three shades, bamboo, nectar and vanilla. So you should be able to find something for all skin tones. Having all three to play with, I also tried mixing up shades and this worked really well, particularly on the area above the eye where you might want different effects. The primer is also water resistant, which is a nice touch particularly if you are on holiday.

On my olive skin, a little pale these days from many years in the English 'sun', the bamboo worked best. As part of my daytime makeup (not as dark as when I am going out at night), I really enjoyed using the vanilla primer. This 'woke' up my eyes being a bit lighter.

There is an applicator in the bottle for applying the primer. This is fine, and works well enough, but I did prefer using my own make up brushes. Although called a primer, the cream is designed to be used as either a concealer or base, or as a cover on its own. Used with eye shadow, colours lasted longer and were easier to apply. Mixed with the primer, I found my usual colours had more depth, and a slightly different effect depending on the shade of primer used.

Around the eyes I found it smoothed out the skin, and also helped with dark shadows from sleeplessness. However, I wouldn't say it was as effective as the Shisedo concealer I normally use. But, it isn't too bad and it is a lot cheaper!

Pros: easy to apply, goes on smoothly, different effects using different shades, works as a concealer or a base

Cons: if a single shade isn't right for your skin colour you will have to buy two or all three to mix and match

Overall verdict: 8 / 10



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