Ten Brilliant Handmade Christmas Gifts

This year is definitely one for handmade and personal touches. Not only do gifts that you’ve made at home give you that sense of special awesomeness, but they make the other person feel special too. I spent most of yesterday making homemade pear and vanilla jam and, as I stirred, I thought of the person I was making it for and I think some of that love has gone into the mood of the food. So, here are your ideas for a delightful handmade Christmas.

1. The Gingerbread Family Kit

This idea from Spoonful is so wonderful and sweet that you can’t help but think of a million ways to improve on it and personalise it. It would make a stunning gift for a child or for a friend who has lots of kids. It’s simple, sweet and easy to create.

2. Wood Cutting Board

Have a pet foodie lying around your family tree? You will need some basic woodworking skills to achieve this goal, but it is a stunning Christmas gift idea that will look amazing in any kitchen. Just follow the instructions on HGTV and you will give someone something very special indeed.

3.  Coloured Bath Salts

This is a cute gift that would probably best fit in a Christmas gift basket or as a pressie made by your kids for someone special. The recipe is easy to follow on About.com and I did try it so that I could be sure it wasn’t a dodgy idea with little merit. Not the best bath salts recipe in the world, so if you don’t like it, google for more. There are loads.

4. Phabulous Photo Phrame

This is a gorgeous handmade gift that would resonate with mums in the home! You can find an old picture frame at a charity shop, the more elaborate and strange the better, and then use it to create this absolutely stunning idea. Not only will it look gorgeous in any home, but it will make a mom’s heart melt.

5. The Doorway Playhouse

I love this. How absolutely amazing to make for your kids, or grandchildren, or nieces and nephews? I am making one of these for my little niece this month for sure.  This comes courtesy of iKatbag and it is a gem. How I love supremely talented people like this!

6.  The Pinwheel Pillow

I am not sure where you can get the Jelly Roll from, but there are alternatives in the UK so you can also make this amazing pillow for the reader in your life. Picture sunny afternoons curled up outside with a book, or cosy nights in by the fire. Oooh, this is just divine.

7. A Yarn Monogram

This particular handmade Christmas gift is a very simple one but effortlessly chic and beautiful. It can be customised very easily to suit the right person and you can even cheat by buying a premade letter from the shops instead. Why not! Or just grab some styrophome from your nearest craft shop or flower shop. It is wonderfully easy for anyone who wants to start small with a handmade Christmas.

8. Padded Coathanger

This will need a more dedicated crafter with an eye for detail, but a range of gorgeous coat hangers wrapped in lovely fabrics will be perfect for the lady who has everything. You can even hang a little bag of lavender over the top to give the clothes a whiff of something fresh and beautiful. Just stunning.

9. Christmas Word Pillow

Need something a bit more festive and cuddly? This walkthrough will show you how to create pillows smothered in Christmas words to match the person you are making it for. It will need some specialised equipment, but it’s just lovely.

10. Giant Sweetie Biscuits

Grab a pizza box and some very basic ingredients and set about making these epic biscuits. As someone who has made these in the past, I recommend using more flour as the dough was too moist and didn’t roll properly. Tasted awesome though…

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