Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Advent Calendar £13.78 (was £24.99) @ Amazon (Expired)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Advent Calendar £13.78 (was £24.99) @ Amazon (Expired)

EDIT: Price now increased to £24.99.

Do you have a Turtles crazy kid? Then you are going to want to grab them this brand new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Advent Calendar!

It has an RRP of £24.99, but right now you can get it for a much more purse-friendly £13.78, so it's not surprising that it's shot straight to the top of the best sellers list!

Amazon do change their prices constantly though, so it could change at any time so you'll need to be quick to get it at this price.

This is similar to those Lego and Playmobil advent calendars in that you get a little toy or, parts to build a bigger toy, inside every window, only this one is Turtle themed.

The toys include four buildable micro action figures including one Casey Jones, one Shredder, a team of two Mousers, and one Turtle, You get four bandanas and different accessories to dress your Turtle like any of the brothers. There's loads more accessories too that fans will recognise, including plenty of pizza!

Home delivery is free on orders of £20 or more, and on all orders for Amazon Prime customers, otherwise charges will apply.


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  • Stephanie P.

    how cool is this xx

    • Stacey C.

      Oh my god!! Awesome xx

    • Jade S.

      I'm to stingy for a calendar like that lol xx

      • Sam S.

        Boys would love this x

        • Matt C.

          Oh wow!!!

          • Charlotte D.

            I have to get this xx

            • Natalie D.

              that's cool x

            • Rachel B.

              I know who would love this xx

              • Alison M.

                Oh I need to buy him this xx

              • Mary B.

                Gonna order him this :blush: xx

                • Becky M.

                  seb would like this

                  • Rhian W.

                    I can't think about xmas in september!!

                    He would tho!

                  • Linette B.

                    Omg the boys would love it!

                    • Elizabeth B.

                      it says it's back up in price but if you go to Amazon then more buying options it's £15 xx

                      • Helen M.

                        Love this! Defo gonna order one! Xxx

                        • Lavinia M.

                          I know who would love this xx:frog::frog::frog::frog:

                          • Vicky P.

                            The price just went up to over £15!

                            • Emma T.

                              ! The boys would love these x

                              • Sammy M.

                                Wow! How much r they!? Xx

                                • Emma T.

                                  £15 I think I just ordered one it came to £19 something with delivery xx

                                  • Sammy M.

                                    Ah I'm Gna get Riley one x

                                    • Emma M.

                                      i was just guna tag u both lol xx

                                    • Alana M.

                                      Am liking this xxxxx

                                      • Jane K.

                                        Wow I'm gonna have to get him this xx

                                        • Carol I.

                                          Gone up to £15.10

                                          • Helen M.

                                            Ordered! Thanks hun. Xxx

                                            • Cassie F.

                                              This is a bargain! Getting it :thumbsup:

                                              • Andy A.

                                                Looks wicked :heart_eyes: