The Takeaway Secret £2.68 @ The Book Depository

21 September 2011


I love the idea of this book. The Takeaway Secret: How to cook your favourite fast food at home, is a book that does what it says on the tin and could be an ace way of offering everyone a special treat at half the cost. Down to £2.68 at the Book Depository this is a great little stocking filler…

The book, Takeaway Secret, is packed with recipes to help you cook tasty food that tastes of takeaway goodness at home. It features recipes such as Lamb Donner and Chicken Kebabs (these ones probably less likely to kill you), Chicken and Vegetable Pakora, Szhechuan Chicken, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Chicken Wings, Triple-Decker Burgers, wraps and more.

The book positions itself as the kind of recipe book that doesn’t expect you to go out and buy a ton of expensive and fancy ingredients in order to make the food inside. The meals are quick and easy, taste yummy, and can be made in such a way as to limit the fat intake and be healthier.

Thanks to sploits at HUKD!


  • Shaz
    showing as £5.79 now :(
  • Sploits
    Yep as Shaz states they have put the price up :(.
  • Hector
    £2.69 delivered at
  • Sploits
    Hector, Can you please provide a link as the one I find on is £4.19 (
  • sploits
    I have found it even cheaper now. £1.89 delivered from Book24 Here is the link The Takeaway Secret

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