Swizzels Or Haribo Advent Calendar £4.99 @ B&M Stores

12 October 2016
Swizzels & Haribo Advent Calendar

There are some wonderful advent calendars out there this year, from toys to make-up, jewellery to bath treats, but if you want a fab sweetie one then we have found the very thing. You can now get Swizzels or Haribo Advent Calendars in B&M Stores for just £4.99 each!

The Swizzels Advent Calendar is brand new, and happens to be an exclusive to B&M, so you won't find it anywhere else.

The Haribo Advent Calendar is sold online at places like Amazon*, but they're charging £7, so if you can get to a B&M you're saving yourself a fair bit there.

It's the Swizzels one that really impresses though, with it's pretty snow topped house design and those little pull-out drawers. I'm going to have to see if I can get hold of one of those for myself this year I think - if the kids are getting toy advents worth £25 each I think I deserve a little sweet treat!

This is another of those times that we wish B&M offered home delivery, but they still don't, so it's a case of popping along to your local store for these.

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  • Angela C.

    Already got ours eh and :christmas_tree::santa_tone2:

  • Hannah W.

    No way, is this actually a real thing?? X

  • Georgina Y.

    Wish you could order this online from them

  • Eleanor N.

    Ooooh my kind of calendars! :clap_tone1:

  • Michelle W.

    Good luck in finding them, they really don't last long on the shelves!

  • Alys R.

    Got my partners from b&m already. It looks amazing! Can't wait until 1st december

  • Louise G.

    My sister got a couple in the Dalkeith one!

  • Rikki P.

    Is it bigger on the inside?

  • Maxine J.

    I'd want mine full of Parmalat violets :blush:

  • Darren P.

    Ohh wow that looks amaze-balls!!! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

  • Jo C.

    Ooh lovely love me sweeties x

  • Emily G.

    I need this in my life! X

  • Anna S.

    They're sold out in all stores near me

  • Laura B.

    I'm getting one for sure xx

  • Kayley S.

    I'll stick to chocolate and Tealight one x

  • Gemma B.

    I'll have all 3 if I had a candle one lol xx

  • Lisa T.

    not been down to ours but seen it on other sites saying its a national exclusive so I would presume that pretty much means all stores have them

  • Catherine Q.

    :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: that's amazing!!

  • Nickie L.

    This is so much better than chocolate! :santa_tone1:

  • Rachel O.

    OMG I wouldn't have the willpower to open just 1 a day :blush::lollipop:

  • Rebecca P.

    This is his perfect advent:candy::candy::candy::candy:

  • Laura F.

    Looks like a distinct lack of Parma Violets :thinking::thinking::thinking:

  • Kerry H.

    Oooooh :ok_hand_tone1::joy: I'll do it tomorrow! X

  • Vikki B.

    B&m Portsmouth had the haribo One in a couple of days ago £4.99. Not the swizzles one tho x

  • Stephanie M.

    We did have them but since everyone putting them on Facebook it's selling out xxxx

  • Karen M.

    That's it I want 2 get 2 b and m bet none left by time I get there :disappointed:

  • Tammasyn W.

    Oh my god that's amazing .!!! :grin:

  • Jude S.

    Both my boys would love this :blush:

  • Kaz R.

    OMG I need one of those !!! xx

  • Kerry W.

    Omg I so have to get this ! :-)

  • Jeffrey E.

    I need one it's calling out saying buy me buy me :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Sarah M.

    Whitley had them the other day

  • Clare G.

    I have one thanks to a very good friend getting me one last week :grinning:

  • Kyle B.

    One each please :grin: x x x x x x x x

  • Cheryle H.

    Wish they did online orders!

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