Stiga Twister UFO Sledge £7.99 @ Newitts

OOoh, this looks FUN, especially for those of you lucky enough to get snow so far this year. I am still staring mournfully at the sky with only rain falling in my eye. Anyway, the Stiga UFO Twister Sledge is only £6 at Newitts with a £1.99 delivery charge taking it up to £7.99 in total.

The Stiga Twister UFO Sledge is a flying saucer that’s also a sled that’s also a flying saucer that’s… Ok, you get the picture. The sledge is designed as a large UFO shape with handles on either side for quick and easy grippage while sliding down a snow covered slope.

The Twister is also fine for both adults and kids so everyone can take a turn zipping down the hill at high speed while twisting about and roaring with laughter. Man, I am jealous of people who have snow.

You can get the Stiga Twister UFO Sledge in a variety of different colours including grey, black, red and blue and it is 65cm in diameter. Wheeee!

Thanks to thehoffer at HUKD!

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