Star Trek Enterprise Film Collection £27.93 @ Lovefilm

2 November 2010


Star Trek is, by far, one of the best TV series on the planet. It has spawned the most sequels, movies, fans, outfits, merchandise and weird geeks, and will always be better than Star Wars (I now wait for abuse). Now you can get this entire box set for only £27.93 which is a fantastic deal from Lovefilm.

There are ten films in the kit and an additional three Bonus Discs that include a ton of extra content. Extra content that will make Star Trek fans die with delight. If you happen to have one in your family (or a good friend) then get this for them for Christmas. They will love you forever.

Originally selling for £69.99, you are saving a hefty £42.06 on this Star Trek set. I am literally drooling on my keyboard as I write this. Oh, the Wrath of Khan! The “needs of the many”. Ooooh. It will be bliss snuggling up with these in winter.

Thanks to Lucerysmum at HUKD!

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