Spread The Cost Of Christmas With Toys R Us Layaway

Spread The Cost Of Christmas With Toys R Us Layaway

Christmas is expensive - there's no two ways about it. You can start buying in January to spread the cost, but that doesn't suit everyone, and no-one wants to end up in debt.

It's also great for those of you that have nowhere to hide presents!

Toys R Us run a Layaway service for us parents that have a lot to buy for the festive season.

What we think is great is, that this is no way a credit or finance agreement. You will NOT be subject to a credit check either.

Note that Toys R Us will also Price Match other major retailers, just request it and point them to what site you found the cheaper one on.

How does it work?

Simply fill your basket (in store only) with the items you need, and head to the checkout where you tell the cashier you want to do a layaway.

You will be given a form to fill in, but don't panic, it's so that Toys R Us have your details. It is no way a credit check. You will then be asked to pay 20% of the total on the day, plus a £5 administration fee.

Anything you see in store, can be selected for the Layaway scheme, even Games Consoles.

Choose to pay off your items over 4, 8 or 12 weeks. The only stipulation is that you must make at least one payment a month (they don't say how much, so I don't reckon there's a minimum) and it has to be done in store.

You can pay off your Layaway items and pick them up within seven days at any time, without being subject to a penalty charge.

If you need to cancel your Layaway purchases you will receive a refund but Toys R Us will keep £10 as a cancellation fee.

Click here for full terms and conditions of the Toys R Us Layaway scheme*.


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  • Emma R.

    Just wish our toys r us would have some toys in it my kids would like . Shocking this year

    • Sarah S.

      Can you not try dundee

    • Donna W.

      Shame they don't deliver as well would make it so simple x

      • Samantha T.

        We do this every year and love it....we did one in June for birthday presents for our two kids which were picking up on Tuesday and then we did another two trolleys full on Wednesday that we'll pick up the week before X mas!.... Makes it so much easier when you don't have to find hiding places for as long!!

        • L-uise J.

          Out of curiosity how does it work please?

          • Samantha T.

            You wander round the shop putting what you want in a trolley and then when your done you go to the till and tell them you want to put it on a layaway while they put it thtrough the till you fill out the form, all it asks for is name address and telephone number in and email address, they then tell you how much you have spent and tell you how much your deposit it, it's 20% of the total plus a £5 admin fee....at ours you don't have to make any other payments other than on the day you pick it up which for me is 15th Dec and then once you've paid the balance they go into the back and get your stuff and you take it home!...

            • Lisa K.

              Find a website with the items on cheaper and they price match too

            • Tracy A.

              this is a good idea

              • Emma P.

                how good is this, can't believe not heard of it before!xx

                • Vicki P.

                  It's great till they go bust. buy throughout the year and buy less as kids get far too much and never appreciate it.

                  • Dawn M.

                    It's a gd idea, I did it one year, the only annoying thing is that u have to pay each instalment in store, they should be able do it online as it was a pain having to go to the store every month which my nearest is 30-40 mins away!

                    • Julie H.

                      I thought u could do it online? I was going to do it this year I won't bother now the nearest to me is 50 miles x

                      • Dawn M.

                        No u can't, it says on the info on here that u can't as well unless they have changed it.

                        • Heather B.

                          I was looking into this earlier, I'm sure I read on the website you could pay online. My nearest store is too far away for me anyway but it is a good idea. X

                        • Linzi F.

                          It is great until you turn up 3 days before xmas to collect and they have lost 4 off the "asked father christmas for presents" and they have sold out in all stores and can't process the refund in time to purchase anywhere else!

                          • Megan R.

                            Oh yes :joy::joy:

                            • Kirsty S.

                              It is might go hav a look xxx

                              • Sarah M.

                                I have the money I don't need to pay monthly and storage isn't an issue x

                                • Tasha E.

                                  I use the toymaster 1, pay £10 deposit max of £200/£250 in stuff & u pay what u want when u want as long as it's paid & collected by certain date. I always pay through online banking too so don't have to go in store

                                  • Michelle G.

                                    Is this a store or website? :blush:

                                    • Tasha E.

                                      Store, think u can order by phone but would have to go in to collect

                                      • Sam B.

                                        any good for u?

                                        • Helen K.

                                          None near me but that's brill to know too think my nearest one is over 60miles away lol

                                        • Jo P.

                                          Such a good idea!

                                          • Kirstie F.

                                            Can you do this online or only in store

                                            • Jodi A.

                                              Or you could just buy what you can afford? Save up during the year and go bargain hunting!!! You certainly won't get a bargain in toys r us!! People buy way too much for kids these days!!

                                              • Christine D.

                                                I never think toys r us prices are good enough for that. I have found some proper gems in boots clearance section, like presents for about 3 when they were 18 originally. I'd never pay 18 and 20 for what they were. Also argos clearance on eBay, homesense sometimes have some amazing things cheap. Occasionally the entertainer has a good sale, the book people are amazing for books also the works. And hobbycraft clearance section. But my favourite place is monsoon in our local outlet for hair accessories and bags and jewellery excellent stocking fillers. My children aren't having everything this year but these places are good for friends parties too. Last year argos had a pack of 3 barbies for less than a tenner so that was 1 for one of my children and 2 for their friends birthdays

                                                • Sam B.

                                                  Remember they also price compare too so u get the best price on the items plus the layaway

                                                  • Lisa K.

                                                    How many people actually know toys r us price match too?? Take a pen and paper with you fill your trolley go on a price comparison site and find the items cheaper else where, make sure you save the qeb address so they can check and they will give it you at the lower price They took £15 off a scooter for us last year because it was so much cheaper im smyths