How Much Are You Spending On Presents This Christmas?

10 December 2010

Christmas spending

There was a really interesting article in The Independent this week about our Christmas shopping habits.

According to this article, we are spending more on this Christmas than we did on the last, despite the fact that we are 'technically' out of the recession, yet still waiting for the fallout from it.

Parent Dish this week states “ puts the average amount spent by parents on presents for children at £74.77, while finds it is a more generous average of £136 per child – with one in ten spending more than £250 on their lucky children.

While £74.77 doesn't sound an exorbitant amount to me from the lofty heights of mother to a one-year-old who has no idea yet who the Disney Princesses, Dora or Thomas the Tank Engine are, £250 does sound a little over the top. I mean, I'm all for presents, spoiling and fun, but not at any cost.

The Independent goes on to say that we are becoming a lot more savvy in our shopping too.

On the high street, shoppers could end up paying 15% more on average than the best online prices for this year’s Christmas must-haves, so we advise everyone to plan in advance, shop smart and head online to help stretch their budgets further this year,” says Richard Stables, CEO of Kelkoo.

This year, the festive spend may be higher than last, despite consumers being more savvy than ever before about where to find a bargain.

But you already know this – that's why you're reading PlayPennies, right?

Here's the thing though. The Independent finishes by saying, “The indications are that this reflects a growing gloom about what is in store the New Year, rather than burgeoning confidence in it.

I'm not running around spending like crazy, but my reservation is more to do with not wanting to see more toys lie in a bin while my daughter plays with wooden blocks from the garden. I'll wait till she can appreciate it – which takes restraint on my part, because I do want to buy one of everything. I've asked friends to buy clothes and shoes – very practical and rather frugal, but it's not out of fear, but rather the reduction of waste. Next year I'm sure will be a different story.

As penny-wise parents, are you stocking up in dreaded preparation of next year, or are you just enjoying what you have now, and treating your loved ones “while you can”?

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  • Maria
    I can see how parents can get carried away. I'm not spending anything on my little one - but lovingly making him a playrug and some legwarmers - it's more fun! I imagine as it's his first Christmas he will be spoilt by family so I'm holding back - unless I see something really divine or a well made long-lasting toy. Will be first birthday in January so will splash out on something then ;) Not really thinking about next Christmas yet - enjoying what we have now and probably not putting enough aside for later...
  • scrooge
  • Luschka O.
    So can I! It's HARD not to buy every cute thing I see! But I think making things is really lovely. We'll be doing presents for the children, but I'm doing Christmas cracker gifts for the adults,and will put a lot of effort in to the food, but leave it at that for this year! Maybe. Unless I see something I can't resist! :p
  • Luschka O.
    well. okay then. well done, I guess ;)
  • ben
    These stats are as pointless as they are meaningless. 100 people spending 50 pounds and 2 people spending 1000 results in an average of 70 pounds. 70 pounds may seem a lot to some people but is pocket change to others. I dont see the point in this article at all.

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