Smiggle Advent Calendar Early Bird Offer (Expired)

Smiggle Advent Calendar Early Bird Offer (Expired)

This year's advent calendars are all popping up in the shops now, and the Smiggle one is now available to order online! Even better is that there's a special Early Bird Offer where you save 10% when you buy 2 or save 15% when you buy 3! This is an online preview so they're not in store yet.

Although these aren't cheap at £25, they are really good value as there’s £40 worth of Limited Edition Stationery Surprises inside (i.e. these goodies are not available in store). It includes scented pens, colourful erasers, and lots more surprises.

Plus you get a chance to win a £500 shopping spree in every calendar too - just open the envelope inside the calendar and find one of 25 lucky tickets to win!

My kids have only recently discovered Smiggle, and I think my eldest in particular would love this calendar as it's packed full of stationery goodies, and it certainly makes a difference from a chocolate advent calendar!

This Early Bird Offer ends in Sunday 3rd September. Home delivery costs £4.50 or is free when you spend £50 or more.

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  • Keily O.

    H had one last year!!! There expensive tho :see_no_evil:

    • Claire B.

      It was rubbish last year so it's a no from me x

      • Louise C.

        Can I ask why? Thinking of buying but can't see where it says what's included?

        • Mariana B.

          Half the things inside were broken. We too bought one for our daughter and was very disappointed. Smiggle did say that they would replace any faulty items if you went to one of their shops. That would be ok if we didnt stay 40 mins drive away.

          • Claire B.

            Louise Caffery the first few items broke and really cheap tacky items My daughter loves Smiggle and didn't open it half way through as she was disappointed Once out of the wrapping it was not a good quality Last year it was heavily reduced in December so that also says a lot

          • Helen D.

            Think I'll have to get it won't I

            • Nicola G.

              There would b World War III if I got this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

              • Laura D.

                I know lol but the stuff would cost £40 if you bought it seperately lol she'd love it xxx

                • Kerry B.

                  Oh wow gunna order her this thankyou xx

                  • Donna S.

                    Thanks hun. Was just looking at these! Girls would love them!

                    • Nichola S.

                      I was looking earlier but seems a tad expensive for an advent calendar especially as we have to buy 2 of everything :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: x.

                      • Jodie W.

                        Not very big windows so I guess not very big prizes either. I'd never pay that. Would be £50 cos Sophie would want one too. X

                        • Jenna M.

                          God too expensive to get them one each x

                          • Rachael P.

                            Thank you so much I'm ordering one now xxx

                            • Rachael P.

                              She will love this thank you xx

                              • Samantha S.

                                haha just read the comments and a lot of people saying they were rubbish last year anyway!! xxx