Rubik's Christmas Tree £4.99 @ Amazon

The perfect stocking filler for a puzzler!
Rubik's Christmas Tree £4.99 @ Amazon

My eldest is mad for any form of Rubik's puzzle, and I really thought we had just about all of them - but I was wrong! You can now get a Rubik's Christmas Tree for just £4.99 at Amazon, so it's gone straight in my basket!

I have no clue how difficult this is to solve, as to be honest I've never been able to solve even the original cube, but my son can do that in under a minute so this may not provide much of a challenge for skilled puzzlers! However, it does look brilliant, and is going to sit in pride of place of our Christmas tree in any case.

If you or your child is a fan there is a whole Rubik's Store at Amazon*, with cubes of all kinds, snakes, novelties and lots more.

You can find lots more toy bargains in our Amazon shop here*.

Delivery is free of charge for Amazon Prime customers, or on orders of £20 or more.


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