Refurbished Computer Bargains @ Portable Universe

Refurbished Computer Bargains @ Portable Universe

So Christmas is really looming now and if your kids want something to study with next year or have been begging you for a computer since forever, then this should help you out nicely. Portable Universe have a few refurbished laptops going in their clearance sale from as little as £120.

So you can choose from a refurbished Dell Latitude D600 Grade C for £120 and it is perfect for students with Windows XP Pro and enough RAM and HDD to get some decent computing going. Not super speedy, for sure, but decent.

There is the Dell Latitude D400 for £130, the D620 for £130 and the D410 for £130. You can also get the Ergo GoTab for £129 instead of £149 and the Dell D400 for £145 instead of £165. You will have to spend some time browsing here to find the price point and machine that best appeal to you and your needs.


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