Radio Times Magazine Subscription Offers: £1 For 12 Issues

Radio Times Magazine Subscription Offers: £1 For 12 Issues

Radio Times Magazine Subscription OffersI have to say that Radio Times magazine subscription offers don't come much better than this. Having thought that 4 issues for a pound was pretty good I was glad I hadn't succumbed when I found that with this voucher code you can get 12 issues for £1! Perfect for harmonious family viewing.

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  • Discount: 12 issues for £1
  • Minimum spend: £1
  • Promotional code: RTD9110
  • Expires: 7th of November, 2010

This is fab timing. I find it just isn't Christmas without a copy of the Christmas issue of the Radio Times. This year I'll be getting that (and more) for less than 10p an issue. Outside of planning my Christmas viewing (knowing the screening times of Dr Who and Eastenders is CRUCIAL) I enjoy reading the magazine itself. It always has good interviews, and I love the roundups, especially the soap storyline roundup. Read these roundups and you don't need to watch the soaps! Which I don't, except from my Christmas indulgence. I wonder if they could do the same for the various CSI's and Law and Orders?

To use the code, click on the link above, and scroll down the page to the Promotional box. Enter the code and instead of saying that you can get 4 issues for £1, it will now say you can get 12 issues for a pound. Add to your basket and follow the checkout process. According to the terms and conditions, after the 12 issues your subscription will continue at £24.99 every 26 issues by direct debit - saving 37%.

Thanks to jay-uk at HUKD!


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  • andy y.
    I hate to break it you but this is not £1 for 12 months.The Radio Times is weekly magazine not monthly. Of course the RT is a pretty new thing,so its a easy mistake to make.
    • Simon
      12 issues not 12 months
      • Jake
        Yup, that'd be 3 months not 12 Lynley
        • NickS
          Terrible header error here, I thought 12 months worth 50+ issues a year seemed too good a deal.
          • Lynley O.
            Ah Andy of Yarm I shall love you forever, don't worry about breaking anything to me (Santa Claus is real though right?). In my defence I do only buy it once a year for Christmas! And then it is a two-week bumper issue. Horrible slip of the keyboard there. 12 issues for a pound is STILL a bloody good deal I'd have thought. Go on admit it - you do agree with me!
            • Lynley O.
              Ah yes you spotted that it was a header error then :) We were just testing you all to see if you read the entire post or not ... Sorry about the mistake. An easy one to make as months more usually follows the number 12 than the word issues! C'mon though, don't you think that this is a fabby deal to get 3 months worth for a quid? I know I was dead chuffed with it!
              • Nicks
                I do indeedy, I got it once before when it was 12 issues for £1, and especially over the xmas new year period this time it is fantastic considering the double issue alone would cost a couple of quid.
                • Lynley O.
                  And here I've been paying full price all these years! Looking forward to getting my issues over the next few months. I just have to make sure I remember to cancel the direct debit!
                  • Bob
                    Thanks for this code.I was going to subscribe anyway, but thought I'd look for a promo code first, I'm glad I did. As well as 3 months for £1, when you use this code, you are charged £24.99 every 26 issues after that. If you don't use this code, you pay the full cover price - £31.20. Bargain!
                    • keith g.
                      I have taken up your offer and you have sent copies for two weeks...unfortunately for Anglia, London etc instead of West, South West. I don't know how else to contact you. Keith Greenwood 6 Coxwell Court Cirencester GL7 2BZ
                      • Lynley O.
                        Sorry Keith, we just report on the great bargains that are available out there. We're not anything to do with the Radio Times and are not associated with either the magazine or the distribution company they use for their subscriptions. You will need to go to the publisher. Contact numbers given in the magazine are 020 8433 3999 for the magazine and 0844 848 9729 for subscriptions.
                        • maggiabella
                          i cant find this offer! i can only find 12 copies for £29.99 - have i missed the offer?? hope not!