Leapfrog My Puppy Pal Violet Review

If your child is a Leapfrog fan, you can rest assured that My Puppy Pal Violet – or indeed it’s counterpart My Puppy Pal Scout – will be a hit.

My Puppy Pal Violet is a soft toy, primarily, but it does a lot of stuff.  The name tag – or dog tag, I guess – lights up during games and activities. The ‘activities paw’ which is the one on the right and has a balloon picture on it talks to your child about all sorts of things and plays ‘pretend’ games. It also talks about feelings.

The left hand paw has a musical note on it, which is for ‘daytime songs’. Press the pay and you’ll hear different songs that can be customised by parents in the online control panel.

The lullabies paw is the right foot which plays soothing songs for bed time, also customisable in the online parent panel, and you can choose whether it plays the songs for two, five or ten minutes, which is quite useful.

The Power Paw has the on/off switch, and when Violet isn’t played with for a while, she automatically switches off too.

As with other Leapfrog toys, Violet connects to the computer by USB so that you can personalise your child’s name and oversee their ‘learning path’. Also, if she happens to land in a pool or in the bath, a couple of days in the airing cupboard will sort her out, and she’ll still work. Thankfully (although don’t test this out unnecessarily!)

The downsides are: The box that houses the batteries only closes with Velcro and I’m not sure if it’s because she went for a swim or not (about 15 minutes after unwrapping it), but the Velcro isn’t very sticky, so the battery box is often exposed. Also if your little one goes to sleep holding Violet, you need to switch it off in the box otherwise pressing buttons during the night makes Violet sing and that wakes up a sleeping child.

Something that might matter to a lot of people is that Violet has a British accent instead of American. She also requires 3xAA batteries. To get the most out of this toy, you must have access to the internet on a computer.

It’s a great toy though and very versatile from a young age. My daughter loves it.

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