Where To Buy Pringles Advent Calendar 2017 In The UK

Pringles Advent Calendar 2017

Not got a sweet tooth? We have found the perfect Advent Calendar for you. You can now buy the Pringles Advent Calendar in the UK and here's where to get hold of one:

B&M £7.99*

The Pringles Advent Calendar features 12 Doors each with a 40g Tube of Pringles behind it.

You get 3 Texas BBQ Sauce Pringles, 3 Salt & Vinegar Pringles, 3 Original Pringles and 3 Sour Cream & Onion Pringles.

Make sure you pop down and get your Pringles advent calendar from B&M! I can't wait for my Pringles 12 Days Of Christmas!

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  • John C.

    They're perfect for jade. I might have to get off one :grin:

  • Sarah C.

    I want this 1 for Christmas xxxx

  • Jennie K.

    That's cool but I don't like the sour cream and onion ones!!

  • Ian M.

    not bad, makes a change from the usual ones xx

  • Susan R.

    Yeah but it's only 12 days so you'll have to buy me two lol xx

  • Sherie S.

    christ this is perfect for me! haha though id be the size of mrs claus come the 25th!

  • Ross W.

    Oh I dont do advent calendar but this could be me x

  • CameraGirl

    not really an advent calendar though with 12 doors. 

  • Yvonne H.

    Will keep my :eyes: peeled xx

  • Jim D.

    Holy Crap how awesome is that

  • Ben M.

    Aye that wouldn’t last mare than 25 minutes nevermind days

  • Jemma L.

    I could be tempted to get into the Christmas spirit early with these bad boys lol

  • XRyan S.

    That's what I'm talking about!

  • Grace B.

    Ha ha ha ! Omg I love this! Wouldn’t last a day though

  • Jade T.

    I need this to go with my birthday calender!

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