Precut Christmas Cake Toppers @ eBay

cupcake topperseBay sellers are outdoing themselves with themed cupcake toppers for all your cake decorating needs this Christmas.

I don't know if it's just me, but between all the things our family is involved in, I seem to spend an awful lot of December making cakes for the NCT, cakes for the playgroup, cakes for whatever else, so over the years I've become a huge fan of cake toppers. They save so much time in preparing cakes and making them look pretty, and they're a saving grace when you're having to transport your cakes without baker-standard equipment too. And they look pretty and the kids will love them.

The 15 Frozen themed cupcake toppers are £1.87 delivered and the are PRECUT. Don't underestimate the difference that makes when you're on a deadline!

The traditional Christmas cupcakes are really cute too, and you can have 12 of them for £1.80 delivered.

Finally, the Nativity cupcake toppers are also 24 for £1.88 delivered.There are 6 different images and you will receive 4 of each.

I'm pretty sure these will go down well.

What do you think?

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