Pre-Order Your Wine Advent Calendar Today @ Virgin Wines

Pre-Order Your Wine Advent Calendar Today @ Virgin Wines

Take my money now!! I have found my advent calendar this year, who needs a chocolate advent calendar this Christmas when you can have one full of bottles of wine!

How would you like 24 bottles of wine to enjoy throughout the festive season? Sounds good doesn't it! Well this Wine Advent Calendar at Virgin Wines has just that. It can be yours for £69.99 with free delivery.

The Wine Advent Calendar isn't released until the 1st November and there will be limited stock available. To ensure you can get your hands on one you can pre-order following the link above. It will cost you £10 to pre-order and that price will be deducted from the £69.99 price tag.

There are 24 doors to open, behind each 'wine window' you will find a 180-200ml bottle of wine. There's a different variety each day including red, white, fizzy and even port. They are selected from the top wineries across the globe don't you know!

You will need to be quick with this one as I know it's going to sell fast!


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  • Amanda H.

    :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: love it !!!!! X

    • Lisa B.

      Now that's my kind of advent calendar!!x

      • Ines C.

        Hahaha that's brilliant x

        • Lauren B.

          I don't love the price tho x

          • Donna G.

            I wld so love this....wld feel guilty having a glass of wine every night :joy: xx

            • EmilyJane H.

              can we start on 1/st november if we got two?!

              • Denise M.

                Oh yes :wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::ok_hand_tone2: Be great to get through the whole of December and not remember a thing :joy::joy:

                • Sasha M.

                  :joy::joy::joy: i think it would be worth the money xxx

                  • Sasha M.

                    If only there was a cocktail one xxx

                    • Teerriianne C.

                      Are these miniature bottles?

                      • Jo C.

                        Oh wow. That would get me through December!! Love it!

                        • Kate W.

                          This is an absolute MUST HAVE :champagne:

                          • Karen H.

                            Is it wrong I am disappointed that it isn't full size bottles......

                            • Michelle G.

                              Me too hahaha!

                              • Kim G.

                                I thought the same lol

                              • Louise J.

                                70 quid :thinking::thinking: rather the chocolate :joy:

                                • Susan G.

                                  I like the sound of this!! :smiley:

                                  • Megan H.

                                    Does this come in gin version lol

                                    • Sarah G.

                                      This is a perfect calendar for me and an excuse to have a bottle everyday x

                                      • Sophie W.

                                        Why can't they make one for 365 days of the year? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

                                        • Lynn B.

                                          That's my Christmas present sorted :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

                                          • Katie S.

                                            Omg I need one of these x