Pre-Order Schleich Advent Calendars Now @ IWOOT

Pre-Order Schleich Advent Calendars Now @ IWOOT

If you have been on the look out for a unique advent calendar to treat the kids with this Christmas then look no further than this fab range of Schleich Advent Calendars. They are now available for pre-order at I Want One Of Those for £24.99 delivered.

There are three calendars that are available for pre-order:

These advent calendars are released on the 1st of October however you can pre-order them today. I have no doubt they are going to sell fast. They are a great way to start or add to a Schleich collection.

Your Schleich Advent Calendars will be delivered for FREE!


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  • Anna S.

    nice but only three actual animals in it

    • Victoria A.

      :astonished: shame I already got a playmobil one! X

      • Helen W.

        OMG how much would the boys love these?!

        • Meg D.

          Oh my god!!! I'll have to get him all three :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

          • Lisa B.

            Oh my goodness! Love them!

            • Helen H.

              Yes, I agree, probably worth it with all the toys but too much to spend on an advent calendar imo. she would of course love it and think xmas had come early :wink:

              • Katie W.

                I brought our little girl one of these last year, it was terrible :disappointed: we had 3 animals, a few bits of fence, spade and bucket wasn't worth the money

                • Ria P.

                  oh really? thats a bit rubbish

                • Mellissa E.

                  Wow they are fab!!! Have already got him a playmobil one but maybe he can have 2 lol

                  • Ria P.

                    Ohhh Now I'm in a pickle, this or smiggle :thinking:

                    • Emily W.

                      Oh my god... I need the girls will go crazy !! X

                      • Sue W.

                        Def going to get these!!!xxx

                        • Sarah L.

                          Tommy will love it!!

                        • Emma-Jane E.

                          Not sure which one to go for.... :thinking:

                          • Laura E.

                            Gosh it seems you can everything in a calendar these days.. My three will have the traditional calendar where they are happy just guessing what the picture will be :)

                            • Michelle L.

                              Afew negative comments on there that you only get afew animals and then just small bits (which never survive in my house). We have got all the wild animals, and one or 2 of the others :disappointed_relieved:

                              • Donna J.

                                We got a Lego one yesterday but wish I'd seen this!

                                • Laura G.

                                  Yeah I had thought about it!

                                  • Sharon S.

                                    Wah a horse one and and a safari one it's like they've catered for your boys lol x

                                    • Lesley H.

                                      Already seen them , he has all of it already