Portable North Pole Santa Video Pre Order For Christmas 2013 Save 25%

It's Portable North Pole time, and if you pre-order you can save 25% on the extended package. If you pre-order this will cost you £3.49.

Over the last few years Santa's North Pole videos have been free, but last year they added paid options.

This year they are doing so again with new video footage, and additional scenes not included in the standard video as well as variety of scenarios to choose from.

You'll also be able to add up to 5 personal photos to the video message, and receive a personalized phone call from Santa - which may be a little OTT, maybe?

Once the Portable North Pole site launches in November, you’ll get more options to personalize your Premium video message, and send your loved ones new magical themes and scenes from Santa’s village.

Of course you still do have the free options available, but whenever you purchase a personalized gift from Santa, Portable North Pole donates a portion to the Children’s Hospital closest to you.

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