Pop Up 6FT Green/White Christmas Trees £15.94/£14.94 Delivered @eBay/Argos Outlet

pop up christmas trees

You lot are either going to pat me on the back, or heckle at me for this one. Whether we like it or not the shops will soon be filled to the brim with festive goodies. Get ahead of the game, with these Pop Up 6ft Christmas Trees from eBay/Argos Outlet. They are only £9.99 for the white one and £10.99 for the Green. Bear in mind that these were priced at £39.99 originally! Christmas trees won't be this price in the shops, so why not get yours today?

Right, so we are in September, and you are thinking where's the incentive of buying this tree now? Well, let me tell you that these have gotten very popular over the years. They don't take up much floor space, so are fine for small rooms and offices or , perhaps even for a bedroom. They come pre-decorated and include sixty clear lights, so that takes the hassle out of decorating it.

I like to decorate the tree, but putting up the tree leaves me with a nasty rash up my arms every year, due to its scratchy, plasticky, branches. This is the perfect solution. They look quite modern and fun.

Postage is £3.95 but even at £15.94/£14.94, these are still going to be cheaper than your local garden centre or such like. The shops ram it down our throats early so why not just join in?

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