Playskool Glide 2 Ride Trainer Bike £43.20 @ Debenhams

14 November 2010


The Playskool Glide 2 Ride bike has a unique design that helps your child to get the hang of riding a bike. It has been marked down from £120 to £48 at Debenhams and, if you use the code below, you’ll get it down to the lovely price of £43.20.

The Playskool Glide 2 Ride starts as a glider with no pedals and then converts to a bike when your child is ready. Gliding helps your child to develop their balance naturally as they start by balancing their feet on the ground and walking forward on the bike.

When they are ready they can push off and glide and, once they’ve got the hang of that, they can use the handlebars to navigate and drive. Then you can raise the seat, attach the pedals and they can start pedalling along with glee.

This particular Playskool Ride 2 Glide comes in pink and would make a fantastic Christmas gift. Use the code PXCP to get the lovely low price.

Thanks to phillyboy at HUKD!

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