Personalised Letter From Santa When You Donate @ NSPCC

This is a truly lovely idea from the NSPCC. They are giving out a personalised letter from Santa to anyone who donates to the NSPCC. The letter comes via Rudolph Mail and you can donate anything you like in order to qualify for the letter from Santa.

Now, this is a lovely idea and getting a personalised letter from Santa for my daughter is awesome, especially when I can donate anything I like so I won’t spend more than I have to, but please, nobody donate only a few p, ok?

Let’s not have the PlayPennies peeps donating 1p a letter, that would be gutting! Anyway, the process is rather fun. You fill in your child’s name, their best friend’s name, and then choose some final thoughts from Santa. These were so cute (like: Rudolph says your carrots are scrumptious!) that I found it VERY hard to choose the one I wanted.

Then you go through to the details page which, if you are not registered, is a bit time consuming and then you can either pay by card or by PayPal. That’s it. Done. Please donate nicely and enjoy the lovely letter from Santa!

Thanks to Turnip at HUKD!

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