Giant Santa Sack With FREE Personalised Elf Stocking £2.39 Delivered @ Studio

Santa Sack & Personalised Stocking £2.39

WOW! This is a great deal! Studio have reduced their Giant Santa Sacks from £7.99 to just £2.39. As if that wasn't good enough you also get a FREE Personalised Elf Stocking with it too.

Use promo code 048 at the checkout for FREE delivery for new customers!

The Giant Santa Sack cannot be personalised but the FREE Elf Stocking that comes with it can, with names up to 11 letters long. Pretty awesome, huh?

The Sack itself features Santa and Rudolph on the front and has a drawstring to keep those presents from spilling out.

As for the Stocking - it's much smaller but will fit in those little gifts, or stocking fillers. It co-ordinates with the sack so will look brilliant sat in your living room come Christmas morning.

If you have more than one child then there will be no confusion, as their names will be clearly visible.

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  • Becky M.

    for the boys:raised_hands_tone1::heart_eyes:

    • Rachael M.

      That's so cute!

  • Em B.

    how lovely are these xxxx

  • Vanda M.

    bargain, just ordered this xxx

    • Stephanie K.

      Ooh lovely! I've got two sacks with his name on... Can't really justify another... Or can I hehehe xxx

  • Kelly H.

    This is great but j can't even begin to think about xmas :joy::joy:

  • Charmaine B.

    Ordered thanks X

  • Charmaine B.

    bargain for £3.99 I've just ordered 4 lol xxxxx

    • Kirsty K.

      Thankyou so gonna get this! :blush: xxxxx

  • Jayne T.

    Lol I've just ordered!

  • Amie C.

    Omg we need to get these :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

  • Leanne D.

    Cute! :heart: xx

  • Nicola K.

    Thank you, just ordered :-) along with the stocking hanger :grinning::santa_tone3::christmas_tree::gift::snowman2:

  • Stephanie S.

    Never to early for a bargain

  • Amanda H.

    Ive ordered but dont think the code is valid now but still was only under £9 so still cant complain at that.

  • Megan G.

    Thank you!!

  • Laura W.

    Brill cheers x

  • feef

    is this for new customers only, as when I get through to secure checkout, the code is not applicable for me?

  • Dlidds

    Was anyone's sack personalised? Only the stocking was on my order, not very happy!

  • Dlidds

    was anyone's sack personalised? Just received my order & only the stocking was, not very happy!

    • Amylou

      It does say in the description, get a free personalized stocking so the sack isn't personalized! 

  • Frankie C.

    It wants you to sign up for a credit agreement!

  • Shelley D.

    They invoice you at the end of the month to pay then or spread the cost

  • Shelley D.

    Just got mine... Certainly not complaining :grinning::grinning::grinning:

  • Lizzie B.

    I just ordered one for Lois xxx

    • Lizzie B.

      There were comments saying the code didn't work but worked for me xxx

    • Lizzie B.

      I didn't take out a credit agreement either but just opened an account and pay within 14days after delivery xxx

    • Rayne A.

      Ordered...was wondering how I had to pay lol! Yeah I said no for the credit card bit! Xxx

  • Hannah W.

    That's good. I'll get it for him x

  • Sarah-Francine B.

    great !!!! Thank you they will love them x

  • Jodie B.

    ahh i've just brought their new ones !

  • Susanne S.

    Good deal, but they want to know every last thing about you :rolling_eyes:

  • Aimeè R.

    I have ordered these and they arrived today really nice

  • Victoria P.

    I had the same problem lookd like youve got to set up am account first, it worked then.

  • Rahanna H.

    Its done it now but not giving me a option to pay lol x

  • Natalee N.

    I ordered these for my daughter they are so cute

  • Karen M.

    Thank you! Just ordered loads of bits including this stocking and sack & another stocking for £1.29! , i now have all my wrapping paper (60 meters of wrapping paper in various designs paid 39p each ) gift bows, christmas cards for the kids and some for friends/family /neighbours,sticky tape etc & all on offer! Saved a fortune and less to stress about nearer the time :)

  • Lucy F.

    You pay after you've received them

  • Louise H.

    Thank you! Just looking now x

  • Sarah F.

    I need a personalised stocking :blush:

  • Tracy M.

    2.39 each with free delivery great for the kids with ther names an ya can keep year after year x

  • Laetitia H.

    Aw that's a nice stocking too. Omg and the sack comes with it xx

  • Lauren H.

    Yeah i was looking for ones like that the other day but theres none as nice as ours lol xxx

  • Angela L.

    Yes looked at these earlier x

  • Helen J.

    I have these stocking and sacks the material is good quality well worth getting even tho the free postage didn't come off but I am very please wth my stockings just a shame the sack isn't personalised too X x

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