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21 December 2010

The Perfume Shop Four out of ten men are planning to buy a gift for their wife or partner this Christmas – just so they can use it themselves. This is from a survey earlier this month from The Perfume Shop.

So dads, oh yes I'm looking at you! Well I'm looking at four of you, the other six can continue as they are. Along with that Playstation you might think is a romantic present for your partner, it might be a really good idea to get them something else as well. Seriously. Trust me on this!

You might be tempted to buy perfume for the woman in your life, and this goes for the mums too as we've all got a mix of sisters, friends and mothers/mother in laws in our lives. But what to buy? And is it a nice scent? We got some of the top brands and celebrity perfume buys out there to test out and gave them to mum's Terry and Sabrina. What did they think?

Gucci Guilty

Gucci Guilty The Perfume ShopI have a feeling that Terry might have quite liked Gucci Guilty34.50). She says "this has to be my all time favourite perfume in the world EVER."  Terry found it to be a light yet rich fragrance that leaves a lingering scent on the skin for hours and hours and hours. "I spray a squirt onto my jersey and it stays with me all day. My daughter (aged 5) utterly loves this perfume and when I don’t wear it she complains."

This works wonderfully for both day and night – a good thing as Terry is not a fan of heavy, heavy perfumes at night. "This is rich on the base and light on the top with a fantastic almost creamy scent in the middle. I am so hooked on Gucci Guilty I haven’t worn another perfume for a month and when I couldn’t find it the other day (it was hiding in my purse) I was distraught."

Peter Andre - Mysterious Girl

Peter Andre Mysterious Girl The Perfume ShopThe first perfume Sabrina tested for us was Peter Andre's Mysterious Girl 19.50 for 50ml, £27.50 for 100ml). Both Sabrina and her  15-year-old daughter tried the perfume.

"Something that smells as hideous as Mysterious Girl should be against the law!" Hmmm so I'm guessing she didn't like it then.

"It is sickly and sweet and reminded me of strawberry flavoured Amoxycilin that the doctor used to prescribe kids who had ear infections back in the day."

Not being exactly the target market Sabrina sent it off to school with her daughter to try on her friends " None of them liked it! The comments were: too strong, too fruity, the bottle was cheap, too sickly."

Beyonce - Heat

Beyonce Heat The Perfume ShopSabrina had slightly higher hopes for Beyonce Heat 22.50 for 30ml, £28.50 for 50ml).

Inital impressions were much better this time. "The bottle wasn't too fussy, but was interesting and, going just by looks alone, looked a million times more expensive than Mysterious Girl." So far so good. "However, it was also very fruity and sweet smelling - almost a bit of an expensive version of Mysterious Girl. OK, so maybe it wasn't THAT bad but it's not a perfume that makes me say, 'oooh! that's nice!!'".

"That said, a friend of mine tried some on and half an hour later it had mellowed considerably and smelled rather nice on her."  Sabrina's suggests that if you like this perfume, it is one to spray on a half hour or so before you go out.

Paco Rabanne - Lady Million

Paco Rabanne Lady Million The Perfume ShopSabrina was looking forward to smelling Paco Rabanne's Lady Million (prices range from £32.50 for 30ml to £59.50 for 80ml). "Having smelled the male version - 1 Million - back in February and rather liking it (even though it came in the most hideous and tacky faux gold bar bottle) I was intrigued to see how the female version matched up."

And the scent? Sabrina's verdict was good. "A non-fruity smelling perfume! This one smells grown-up, not old-fashioned grown-up but refined and sophisticated (something the bottle isn't, despite its extravagant feel!) and even made my mum say, "OOOH! That's nice! What's that?" and she's notoriously fussy when it comes to perfumes (she wears Vera Wang Princess to give you a bit of a clue)."

The official smell of Paco Rabbane Lady Million is supposed to be floral. "I'm no expert but I know a floral/flowery perfume when I smell one and this isn't how I'd describe Lady Million at all. It's not light and flowery, but it's not heavy and sickly either."

Finally a perfume that got a thumbs up from our hard to please tester. "I love it though, it's become a firm favourite and I DO feel rather glamourous when I'm wearing it."

And Finally

Here's some last findings from the study to think about, if you're a dad looking to buy a present for your partner. According to the survey 15 per cent of men have ended up having a row with their disappointed spouse, with one in ten even getting dumped because of it!

Maybe it'll be perfume instead of Playstation after all. What was the most thoughtless present YOU ever got? Share here!

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