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We have had a lot for requests for Paw Patrol toys as they seem to be on loads of Christmas lists this year, and this one is the best price I can find for the Paw Patrol Lookout Playset. In most places it is still near to the full price of £49.99, but Bargain Max have this on a special offer at £42.99, and that includes free delivery!

This playset comes with a working periscope so you can keep an eye out for danger, plus a figure of Chase that can ride in the lift to the top. If Chase spots anything through the periscope you can sound the alarm and he can whizz down the chute to his Paw Patrol Police Vehicle which also comes with the set.

Although the pictures show all of the characters those are sold separately, and it's just Chase and his police car that come with the lookout tower.

There are some other really good Paw Patrol toy offers* at Bargain Max right now, like Rubble's Bulldozer* for £11.99, or the Talking Rubble Toy* for £21.99. There are also games, costumes and more toys and all are reduce so it's well worth looking at those while you are on the website.

Home delivery is free when you spend over £40, so the Paw Patrol Lookout Playset costs £42.99 to your door.

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