Paw Patrol Christmas Dress, Leggings & Toy Set £10 @ Asda George

Paw Patrol Christmas Dress Set £10

We have found the perfect Christmas outfit for little Paw Patrol fans, as you can get this Paw Patrol Christmas Dress, Leggings & Toy Set for just £10 online at Asda George!

In this set you get a cute long sleeved jersey dress with a cute pattern featuring candy canes and Paw Patrol's Skye in a Santa hat, plus some coordinating bright red leggings, and there's even a mini pocket sized Skye soft toy to tuck in the red pocket too.

This set comes in sizes from 2 to 8 years, and as I write the smallest is currently out of stock, but Asda are usually pretty quick to re-stock their clothing.

There's also a Paw Patrol Pawsome Long Sleeved Top* from just £6 as well.

At £10 this is a great value outfit for kids, and I'm not surprised it's selling fast.

Click and collect is free, or home delivery costs £2.95.


  • Hayley C.

    Ahh freya would love this!! Xx

  • Hollie W.

    I can imagine Lizzy in this xxx

    • Katherine W.

      She would love this :heart_eyes: xxx

  • Emma M.

    Omg Izzy would be in heaven xx

  • Lindsay B.

    That can be her Xmas jumper xx

  • Sabrina A.

    That is so cute, will look into it xxx

  • Rachel H.

    This is wat i wanted to get x

  • Andy C.

    Oh god! She ain't that fussed in paw patrol at the minute she just watches anything

  • Sophie C.

    This is why I want a girl :heart_eyes: xxx

  • Vikki �.

    Omg shewould love this :heart_eyes: x

  • Lucy K.

    Omg im going to buy that tomorrow :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Laura B.

    Aww that's too cute :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Lucy K.

    Yeah .. she got a Christmas party soon so she will where it x

  • Martha O.

    Sold out in her size :disappointed: x

  • Claire J.

    I will need to get this for mila skye with a Christmas hats she will love that :grinning:

  • Charlotte P.

    She would be happy with this! Xxx

  • Julia W.

    It is cute but the right size has run out :(

  • Charlotte P.

    She needs 4-5 and it's out of stock online xxx

  • Julie C.

    I've just tried ordering it and they've sold out in her size :persevere: x

  • Emily V.

    Only comes in 2years and above cx

  • Georgina C.

    Sold out all size sold before 5-6

  • Natalie M.

    Hehe I've already brought one x

  • Pauline J.

    Awww need to get her it xx

  • Kelly B.

    But that’s not paw patrol, that’s just Skye from Paw Patrol, my DD wants all the PP gang on her dress! Same as my DS is annoyed that Skye is never on his t-shirts.

  • Charlotte Y.

    Sold out in Eva’s size :cry:

  • Helen S.

    Ah chloe would love that bless her

  • Julie T.

    Ha Ileana would love this!

  • Nicola L.

    Saw this earlier it's cute xx

  • Emily L.

    Will have to show this Maisie!! X

  • Caroline O.

    Out of stock in avas size already checked x

  • Kelly B.

    She would absolutely love that

  • Sam S.

    Awww Amber would love this x

  • Steve L.

    I'll order this Friday for xmas day aye xx

  • Lauren D.

    Was thinking Christmas Day xxx

  • Emily L.

    It’s not chase so she’s not interested :rolling_eyes:!!

  • Rowena W.

    Chloe would love it last time I was in asda they didn't have them out :worried:

  • Courtney B.

    Aw how cute! She would look adorable xxx

  • Sam F.

    Oh wow she would love this x. X

  • Elizabeth L.

    Cute just showed her it she said awww x

  • Michelle H.

    I saw this earlier, smallest size is 2-3 but sold out :tired_face::sob:

  • Amy M.

    For Courtney they well cute x

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