Where To Buy The Paw Patrol Advent Calendar In The UK

Where To Buy The Paw Patrol Advent Calendar In The UK

Oh. My. Freakin'. God. I am going to win a 'parent of the year' award for buying this. The Paw Patrol Advent Calendar for 2016 has just been released and we'll keep you up to date with where it's in stock and where has the best price.

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This Paw Patrol Advent Calendar doesn't contain cheap chocolate but 24 surprise gifts behind each door.

The contents includes: four Colouring Pencils, four Wax Crayons, four Markers, a Sharpener, two Funny Erasers, three Rolling Stamps, Glue, three Stamps, a Game, an Inkpad, two Stencils, two Envelopes, two Cards, a Notepad and a Stickers board.


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  • Stacey A.


    • Abbie M.

      You getting one?

      • Stacey A.

        £12 on ebay ... off to have a proper look haha

        • Abbie M.


        • Jess D.

          Love that!! X x

          • Laura M.

            £11 for a advent calendar. :scream::scream::scream:

            • Pauline D.

              As much as my son loves paw patrol I refuse to pay £11 for an advent calendar!

              • Helen S.

                I feel exactly the same That's crazy could make my own cheaper

                • Kerri S.

                  Me too!

                  • Sarah C.

                    They have paw patrol one with just chocolates in in home bargains 99p x

                    • Scott I.

                      Plus my kid would literally open it and say....wheres the chocolate?

                      • Laura M.

                        They have paw patrol choc ones in pound land. £11 bit much when you've got several to buy

                      • Holly B.

                        He would go nuts for that! We got Paw Patrol undies today. If that doesn't get him toilet trained I don't know what will!

                        • Louise P.

                          Need one of these for Mason xx

                          • Stacie S.

                            awww i'll have to get him one if these x

                            • Nicola B.

                              Oooh will check this out x

                              • Gemma W.

                                Oh my god :scream: Emily would love this

                                • Helen T.

                                  Certainly do. Saw them yesterday.

                                  • Helen T.

                                    Hold that. It was probably a choc one they had. Just realised this isn't choc.

                                    • Leah R.

                                      Haha no this is a toy one lol

                                      • Beth C.

                                        Ah wow that's cool. Thankyou x

                                        • Keely H.

                                          Ahh that's so cool! Was thinking about what to do for an advent calendar yesterday!

                                          • Ashleigh M.

                                            Love it!!

                                            • Clare H.

                                              Oooooh xx

                                              • Lyn M.

                                                Ridiculous price

                                                • Becky A.

                                                  I see one in pound land the other day but thia one looks better xxx

                                                  • Stephanie D.

                                                    I'm buying one :)

                                                    • Alice B.

                                                      They are cool! I like the Lego / playmobil ones etc. don't think I can justify buying 2 though. James will like this!:christmas_tree: