Paint Your Own Nativity Scene Kit £10 @ John Lewis

John Lewis has a paint your own nativity scene kit on offer for £10 instead of £20. At the time of writing there's still 'more than 10' available, so there should still be plenty of stock. Delivery is £3, and since you probably don't need it for another 50-odd weeks, you can wait five days for delivery, I'm sure.

Just before Christmas the question of where to find a nativity scene suitable for children did the rounds between my friends on Facebook, and a few rather pricey items were floated and toyed with - but few of them really at a child friendly price.

This Scene from  John Lewis seems to be pretty good value. You receive a ceramic stable and figures, 12 pots of paint and two paint brushes.

The figures include animals, wise men, angels, Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus in a crib. If painted nicely, it should be a lovely Scene that could last for many years.

What do you think?

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