Pack Of 75 Christmas Tree Decorations (5 Colour Options) £4.99 @ Argos

Pack Of 75 Christmas Tree Decorations (5 Colour Options) £4.99 @ Argos

If you haven't got your Christmas Tree up yet, or you are in need of some extra decorations, then this is a brilliant buy from Argos for you. They have packs of 75 Christmas Tree Decorations at just £4.99 a set, down from £9.99.

There's a choice of five different colour schemes: Red, Pink and Purple, Silver , Gold or Blue, and all are the same price.

Each set has a mix of types of tree decorations, including round and shaped baubles, hanging parcels, glittery snowflakes, icicles, a string of beads and even a matching tree topper.

If you need to pick up a tree or any other Christmas Decorations* at the same time then lots of those are also reduced, plus you can get an extra 25% off when you spend £30 on Christmas Decorations with the code HOME25.

Reserve and collect is free of charge, or home delivery costs £3.95.


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  • Gemma A.

    Iv got them, they are good!

    • Lj S.

      I got them last year for this price

      • Kayleigh N.

        I've got the pink n purple:)

        • Lou M.

          i got these last week they a pain cos have to thread them!

          • Becky H.

            I love the pink and purple xx

            • Sarah W.

              I'm going to argos Thursday.xx

              • Becky H.

                Will give u half of money love xx

              • Georgi H.

                I saw these but dunno what colour to get :thinking::thinking: xxx

                • Carla S.

                  And we've had the snowflakes they're a nightmare to thread xxx

                  • Georgi H.

                    I'm thinking blue and silver... xxx

                    • Becky E.

                      I ended up going b&m yesterday and buying some more

                      • Natalie S.

                        Thank you!! You have just reminded me that i need to go and order the tree deco's! xxxxxxx

                        • Kylie T.

                          I bought the gold pack and they are nice bit of a pain threading them but hey you only have to do it this year be easier next year

                          • Becca B.

                            They are good. Thank you :blush:

                            • Amie P.

                              It's so annoying u have to thread them and do the ties on them so annoying x