NEW Christmas Bedding From £10 @ Asda George

NEW Christmas Bedding From £10 @ Asda George

We're getting all sorts of excited here about the new Asda Christmas Shop as the Christmas Bedding has just arrived online! There are some gorgeous styles this year to suit all different styles and tastes, and with prices starting from just £10 they're some of the best value around too! We expect sell outs, and you're the first to see them so you get first pick!

There are some wonderful designs to choose from like the bright and cheerful Woodcut Scandi Reversible Duvet Set*, the fun Snowmen On Skis Duvet Set*, the retro Skating Pin Up Duvet Set*, or the super pretty Sleigh Scene Duvet Set*. They even have a Bah Humpug* one featuring pugs and Grumpy Cat!

Most of the covers added so far come in Single, Double, King and also Super King, so if you've been struggling to get a Christmas Duvet Cover to fit your bed you should find plenty to choose from here. Prices vary by design and start at just £10 for singles, with larger sizes costing more.

The kids Christmas Bedding has yet to be added to the online store, but we're stalking the website for changes daily so we'll let you know as soon as those are online. I need Junior Size Christmas Bedding so I'm hoping they have those as they did last year and I'll be a bit quicker this time so I don't miss out!

You can click and collect for free form Asda stores, or home delivery costs just £2.95.


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  • Joanne G.

    let's all get Xmas bedding x

    • Lauren W.

      Nooo wayyyy lol xx

      • Joanne G.

        Yes way lol x

        • Lauren W.

          Hahaha as much as i love crimbo i couldnt have it on me bed. Lol xx

          • Joanne G.

            WHAT no way :worried::flushed: x

            • Lauren W.

              Lol nooo hahaha xx

              • Lisa S.

                You need help! :joy:

                • Joanne G.

                  Bit harsh

                  • Kelly L.

                    No way am i getting that . Lisas right you need help :joy::joy::joy:

                    • Joanne G.

                      You grumpy bums lol :joy: x

                      • Joanne G.

                        There's some nice ones if you look :grinning: x

                        • Kelly L.

                          Still wouldnt go in bed :joy::joy::joy:

                          • Joanne G.

                            Haha I'm going to get one or two lol x

                          • Sam M.

                            time to go Asda??? :heart_eyes::wink:

                            • Kerry C.

                              my fave time of year! I need some! :heart_eyes:

                              • Nicola D.

                                Cool thanks for this

                                • Amanda D.

                                  Will have to look for one for me. Got codys ordered yesterday from studio personalised £9.99 xx

                                  • Orlagh D.

                                    n love the stag one!!!

                                  • Katie R.

                                    Oh that's good, I'll have to have a nosey. I love studio, its so cheap xx

                                    • Katie R.

                                      I've just looked on asda, there's some lovely ones xx

                                      • Stephanie W.


                                        • Diane J.

                                          Love that snowy one with the house X

                                          • Jo C.

                                            We need some of these they the cheapest I've seen x

                                            • Charlotte P.

                                              I know which one I want!! Xxx

                                              • Sarah H.

                                                Christmas bedding :blush: xxxxxxxxxx

                                                • Ian B.

                                                  Top right xxxxxxxxxxx

                                                • Manda J.

                                                  Fab thank you x

                                                  • Emma H.

                                                    I will have to buy one for December x

                                                    • Moyra M.

                                                      Oh my god...i NEED!!XX

                                                      • Lisa C.

                                                        I know I want loads of them Xx

                                                        • Jaimie H.

                                                          Oooo which one we getting x

                                                          • Louise F.

                                                            Oh my lord!! this is great :)

                                                            • Lesley A.

                                                              Ha was actually thinking about xmas bedding this year!!! Good spot xx