Moshi Monsters Daily Challenge Puzzle Book £3 @ Tesco Direct

The Moshi Monsters Daily Challenge Puzzle Book has been reduced by over half from the original price of £6.99. You are saving £3.99 on the £3 price, and you can arrange to collect your Moshi Monster book instore to save on delivery charges.

This book features the trickiest activities from the Puzzle Palace as well as crosswords, word searches and plenty more. There are 365 puzzles crammed into this book so kids can do one a day for a year before they run out and beg for more.

There is one word of caution here. As with most of the Moshi Monster stuff that there’s out there to buy, this was expensive for what you got. The paper is that poor quality, thin, brown paper that tears easily and isn’t very clear. It isn’t really worth £3, but it is definitely not worth nearly £7, so this discounted price is perfect. It would make a lovely stocking filler for anyone who loves those monsters.

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