Men's Christmas Santa Suit Now Available @ Home Bargains

Men's Christmas Santa Suit Now Available @ Home Bargains

If the man in your life wants to feel festive this year then this Men's Christmas Santa Suit is the way to go! It's available now over at Home Bargains and is a fraction of the price of similar ones on the market!

Now this suit is certainly a fashion statement. It's definitely one to wear to the Christmas party especially if you want to stand out!

This is such a fun outfit and it is on sale for just £29.99. That's a lot cheaper than the Opposuits you can buy which are almost identical. It's available in either small, medium or large.

Included in the set is a suit jacket, trousers and a matching tie, all in a festive Santa print. You can also buy matching outfits for the family, this Ladies Christmas Swing Dress* is just £7.99 and the Younger Girls* and Older Girls* dresses are £5.99.

If this sells out online make sure you take a look instore too. Home delivery starts from just 50p.


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  • Toby T.

    OMG Part of me is like yes and a tiny part is no lol this looks so so good !!! :rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes::ok_hand:

    • Antony B.

      A would look smashing in that

      • Alex V.

        Omg definitely not :joy::joy:

        • Tom D.

          I'd wear it to school on friday

          • Alex V.

            It's horrible lol I'll just wear a smart. Shirt n a Christmas tie for Friday x

            • Bin E.

              Ye right ....i'll wear it next Friday :sweat_smile:

              • Carl J.

                I would wear that aswell!

                • Gavin G.

                  Ur dam right I would rock that haha

                  • Stuart A.

                    Already ordered my Christmas suit for this year. As usual I will be understated and full of decorum.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

                    • Craig D.

                      Ahh but I was really looking forward to wearing my jumper !!!! :joy::joy:

                      • Rhian W.

                        Oh my lord. I almost bought this for Richard last week. It's awesome x

                        • Jama M.

                          Am too classy for that lol

                          • Darren C.

                            Get this rocking for next week lol

                            • Mark P.

                              its a Christmas miracle at that price

                              • Jenna C.

                                Not many people could pull it off!

                                • Danielle N.

                                  get it for christmas haha

                                  • Andrew H.

                                    Bit much even for me that ha

                                    • Michael M.

                                      Not many can pull it off hahaha

                                      • Gemma S.

                                        Only £29.99 Bargain for such coolness!! So cool I'd have no friends :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

                                        • Brett C.

                                          They've sold out of large