Mega Gonk 110cm Plush Gonk £39 @ Home Essentials

Make a statement with this huge Christmas decoration!
Mega Gonk 110cm Plush Gonk £39 @ Home Essentials

Christmas Gonks are everywhere this year, and if you fancy making them your theme this year we jave found something truly wondrous... the Mega Gonk! This 110cm Plush Gonk is new at Home Essentials, and we think it's going to sell fast!

This massive Christmas Gonk stands a whopping 110cm high (that's more than 3 1/2 feet tall!), so he's really going to stand out in your Christmas display!

It's made from a soft plush material, and weighted down with sand in the bottom to keep it sturdy as it's free-standing.

The gonk has a grey body with bright red hat, hands and feet, and a long and fluffy beard. The beard has even been braided and tied with a festive red ribbon too.

This Mega Gonk is priced at £39, plus a £3.50 delivery charge, but for something of this size that's pretty reasonable, and we think he'll sell fast.

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