Massive Winter Reductions @ Snowbabes

The website, Snowbabes, is also called Swimbabes and it has a lot of eclectic stuff on it that will entertain you for ages. Well, it did me. I found a local swimming pool I didn’t know existed! Anyway, they are currently holding a rather big sale on winter boots and warmers that is well worth investigating.

The massive sale at Snowbabes has discounts up to 40% off various items on the site. These include winter boots, hats, mittens and even a Charlie & Lola wheelie case. Oh yes, that last one had me flummoxed too but seeing as my daughter is a huge fan, this discount is a good thing.

Some of the boots are ideal for school and snow wear, while others are fun warmers for weekends and playing in the snow on the holidays. You will also find a Charlie & Lola milk and biscuit set, welly boots, a Gruffalo lunchbox and beach towels. It’s an interesting mix that has some really good bargains.

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