Magical Elf Door £1 @ The Works

Magical Elf Door £1 @ The Works

Will one of Santa's little elves be visiting you this Christmas? Then you need one of these Magical Elf Doors for just £1 at The Works!

They're a lovely idea for keeping the magic alive for little ones, and you get more than just the little door with this set!

This magical Christmas door has an simple hand crafted wooden design, and the set also includes a key, a scroll and glitter. The door is just to let the Elves in and out (by magic of course) but the extras add even more fun!

You can get the kids to leave the key, the glitter and the scroll next to the door with their Christmas wish written on the scroll. If the kids have been good the Elves will take the scroll back to Santa, and they will also take the key and sprinkle the glitter so you know that they have happily stayed in your house. On Christmas eve they will then have the key so they can get back in with all your presents. How wonderful is that?

I think I would struggle to find time to keep up with the Elf On The Shelf antics, but I think I may have to get one of these as it's a little of the same magic for the children. And at £1 it's hard to say no really!


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  • Gill A.

    Ugh went out of stock just as I had it in basket!!

    • Tricia W.

      Me too :frowning2:

      • Gill A.


        • Sammie I.

          it said out of stock for me too but then i checked again and it was in stock. just ordered one a minute ago. try again :) and if all else fails, they have them for £3 on ebay x

        • Carla B.

          Gone, had in basket and gone by the time I got through entering detail!! :-(

          • Lindsay M.

            I've just ordered some...maybe try again

            • Carla B.

              Got it thank you :-)

            • Cecilia F.

              I just ordered for click and collect

              • Mel B.

                They're in stock just ordered :-)

                • Chantelle B.

                  Nice little thing to do around Christmas time. Ordered for click and collect xx

                  • Kayleigh F.

                    I'm going to order one now :) thank u xx

                    • Jenna W.

                      Some of the other comments are saying they're in stock again!

                      • David L.

                        I've just ordered mine x thank you x

                        • Carly B.

                          I do have a Xmas one already but that's a good idea to say that's the way the elf goes to santa x

                          • Jacqueline G.

                            Uch I missed it! Out of stock. Picked up my elf today tho! :blush::christmas_tree:

                            • Sammie I.

                              amazing price!! i was gutted when it said out of stock but i did as suggested and checked again 5 mins later and it said in stock :D so ive ordered it and im happy now lol

                              • Karen N.

                                Got my elf door :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: lol

                                • Jamie H.

                                  Just ordered one for c&c x

                                  • Sarah M.

                                    Back in stock just now :grinning:

                                    • Vicky F.

                                      Just ordered mine thank you x

                                      • Louise B.

                                        Just got a few bits elf can bring too :christmas_tree::santa_tone1: xxx

                                        • Amanda J.

                                          oo thanks lovely ill get it xx

                                          • Alex C.

                                            I bought one too, such good value!

                                            • Emily M.

                                              That is literally my first Christmas present bought!

                                              • Chantelle H.

                                                Fantastic! Thanks, just ordered. :blush: