Old MacDonald Lotto £4.70 @ Amazon

Old MacDonald Lotto £4.70 @ Amazon

This is a game from Orchard Toys, and would make a lovely Christmas gift for under the tree. It is on offer on Amazon for £4.70 - the RRP is £9.50. Delivery is included through Super Saver Delivery.

A simple version of the game of 'Lotto' with a farmyard theme, involving lots of noise and action, making it especially suitable for very young players. The game consists of 4 farm boards, 24 farm cards and 4 farmer cards. Each player chooses a farm board; all the farm cards are spread face down on the table.

The farmer cards are also placed face down on the table, in a separate group. Players take it in turn to turn up one of the farm cards, making sure the other players all see what it is. If the player has the same picture on their farm board, they place the card on the matching square, making the noise or the action of the item pictured on the card.

If it is not on their board, it is returned to its original place on the table, and play passes to the next player. Once a player has collected all their farm cards, they try to find their farmer by turning over one of the farmer cards to see if they can match the one on their farm board. If they can match the farmer, they win the game; if not, they try again on their next turn.

Children will love the colourful illustrations, showing different farmyard scenes and lots of friendly animals. It can help children with their literacy and PSHE skills, particularly if you find extra things to talk about: what can you see standing in the ploughed field? What is the rabbit holding? What is sitting on the stone in the pond? How many bees can you count?

The game is made of sturdy, recycled board, and is suitable for children aged 2 to 6.

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