Linen Blend Short Sleeve Dress £12 @ M&S

Linen Blend Short Sleeve Dress £12 @ M&S


This is a stunning little dress for anyone planning a winter break in the sun, or who likes to mix and match it a little bit for winter. Also, it is a wise woman who buys her clothes in the sales so she doesn’t spend full price next season! Down to only £12 at M&Sm this is a total bargain.

I love this dress. It isn’t too short and it isn’t too long, it’s simple and chic and can be worn for casual and dressed up a little to be worn for chic. I even recently read an article on how to take one simple dress like this one and, by adding some extras here and there, revolutionising it completely.

You can make about ten differently styled dresses using this as a base. Awesome stuff! There are still over ten items of each size in stock so you shouldn’t have a problem nabbing one of these for yourself. They have got a picture of a purple version on the site but I think that is sold out.

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD!


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