Where To Buy LEGO Advent Calendars 2018

LEGO Advent Calendars 2018

Looking for the best deals on this year's Lego Advent Calendars? The LEGO Advent Calendars for 2018 are available to buy in the UK right now, with Lego City, Lego Star Wars and Lego Friends advent calendars all on sale. Here's where to get them at the best prices:

Lego City 60201 Advent Calendar 2018

Where To Buy LEGO Advent Calendars 2018

In Stock / Pre-Order:

Out of stock:

  1. John Lewis & Partners* £17.99
  2. IWOOT* £22.99
  3. Zavvi*£22.99

Lego Star Wars 75213 Advent Calendar 2018

Where To Buy LEGO Advent Calendars 2018

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Out of stock:

Lego Friends 41353 Advent Calendar 2018

Where To Buy LEGO Advent Calendars 2018

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Out of stock:

The LEGO City 60201 Advent Calendar has 5 LEGO minifigures, including Santa and a husky dog, vehicles and seasonal items (chicken leg, 2 ice elements, 2 cupcakes and 4 cookies) hidden behind those 24 doors.

As for the LEGO Star Wars 75213 Advent Calendar, it has 5 LEGO minifigures, a landspeeder, The Arrowhead, Republic Fighter Tank, Naboo Starfighter, Twin-Pod Cloud Car, General Grievous' Starfighter, Blaster Cannon, Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter, Imperial Troop Transport, TIE Fighter, AT-ACT, Zeta Class Cargo Shuttle, an Imperial Speeder Bike, blaster pistol, 3 blaster rifles, 2 blasters and a Lightsaber.

The LEGO Friends 41353 Advent Calendar features 24 gifts : a Christmas tree, candy cane, gingerbread man and a surprise to represent each of the 5 friends from Heartlake City

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  • Jane Y.

    ... James would love this .

  • Cally J.

    :smirk: Christmas is already coming together :joy:

  • Samantha E.

    Definitely buying these?!!!!

  • Lyndsay J.

    Already in my basket..... I think I have a Lego problem

  • Brenda S.

    Christmas is a coming arrrr lol coming to ASDA

  • Jemma C.

    He had the Star Wars one last year x

  • Mark S.

    One for me and Logan and other two to keep lol

  • Alex B.

    Lol. Just has a look. 7 minifigs. Rose, battle droid, IG88, Deathtrooper, Guavian guard and a B wing pilot, I think.

  • Lucie S.

    Awesome! Ted will be pleased!

  • Alex B.

    The ships are very cute BTW lol

  • Alex B.

    Christmas themed minifig is ........ wait for it...... a snowman with an Xwing helmet. OMG, Lego could of put more of an effort in to that one.

  • Emily D.

    Oh god he will have it all open on day 1 :joy::joy::joy:

  • Jade K.

    Girls one for reller. Best get them early or they sell out

  • Laura T.

    Omg he would LOVE this xx

  • Jody M.

    He defo needs one this year now he is addict xx

  • Sarah B.

    Can't believe people spend £20 on an advent calendar!

  • Angela N.

    Thank you. I actually started getting a few bits last week x

  • Sophie J.

    Christmas already :joy::tired_face:!!!

  • Frances F.

    We defo do!!! Thanks lovely x

  • Nikki F.

    I've got one reserved...for finlay...not Gib lol x

  • Karen K.

    Been on the look out for this! He would love it xx

  • Nathan T.

    You really think it would last 24 days

  • Karen B.

    Cool, can you not get Roblox advent calendars

  • Sarah L.

    Thank you think il get one x

  • Louisa F.

    No... can’t think about Christmas already!!!

  • Sarah M.

    Already got lego Star Wars one :)

  • Garry H.

    No thanks. Unless the date of Christmas has changed.

  • Sarah C.

    And so it begins.....:christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

  • Lucie G.

    oooo i'm definitely getting the lego one again, but the girly one looks fun too!!

  • Naomi J.

    :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil: gonna have a look

  • Helen H.

    Haha we were only just looking at them last night :joy:

  • Emily D.

    Aww I just saw these he will have to have one this year now he's bigger :joy::see_no_evil:xxxx

  • Caroline H.

    Think I’m going for Lego city this time x

  • Caroline H.

    Might even get Ella Lego friends xx

  • Anne-Marie N.

    I saw it at smyths today. He's had them the last few years so he's getting one this year too lol.. U going to get the girls one? X

  • Ann E.

    Who are you trying to kid :slight_smile:

  • Gemma R.

    Dunno yet, only Violet plays with lego reallt

  • Tanya A.

    Even my 14 yr old bro has given me an order lol he wants the Star Wars one!!!

  • Andrea R.

    I saw these in Lego shop Hannah and thought about it xx think I’m more likely to do play Mobil this year or just do my own like last year xxx

  • Louise B.

    I usually get him one every year :thumbsup_tone1::heart::kissing_heart:xxxx

  • Kelly W.

    imogen really really wants the Lego friends one she goes on about it every week since she seen Ellamays you will make her day if you get her one

  • Emma B.

    The girls have been asking for these this morning

  • Lee D.

    He would love :heart::heart::heart::heart:xxxxx

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