Last-Minute Ideas For Kids' Stocking Fillers

Kids Stocking Fillers... Last Minute Ideas

I love Christmas shopping but I absolutely hate shopping for stocking fillers for the kids. I just never know quite what to buy for the kids' stockings - do I go for cheap and cheerful stuff that won't last but which will make them laugh, or is it always wisest to go for decent quality when it comes to stocking fillers to avoid wasted cash?

So, in a bid to hunt down bargain buys that won't disappoint come Christmas morning, I've come up with ten last-minute stocking fillers for kids. Here they are:

Train Track Tape And Train Set
Not on the High Street, £14.95
Now this ain't cheap but the train set is included and I just know it would keep my troops entertained for hours while I slave away in the kitchen. Or you could always make your own cheap alternative with a roll of gaffer tape and a permanent marker?!

Christmas Parachutists
£1.99 for four, Baker Ross
I cannot stress how much cheapie wee toys like this amuse my boys. Quite literally hours of fun for mere pence. You can't go wrong! Standard UK delivery is £2.99 but free if you spend £50 or more. Although admittedly that would be ALOT of parachutists...

Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Spinner Game
Amazon, £5.88
This was a hot toy last year and my lads went absolutely bonkers for it. So typical that the cheapest thing in their Christmas stocking provided the most fun. I'm buying more this year because it was just THAT good as a stocking filler.

Christmas Scented Lipgloss Pencils
Not on the High Street, £2
Ok so I'm adding these to the list cos they're totally the type of thing I would have LOVED waking up to find in my stocking on Christmas morning. Delivery is £2.75 to mainland UK.

Biscuits Eraser Collection
John Lewis, £3.95
Yeah, kind of the same deal as the scented lipgloss pencils. Rubbers that look like biscuits?! C'mon, what's not to love? Standard delivery is £3.50.

Sticky Eyeball
The more gross and gruesome the stocking filler, the more my lads are likely to love it. This is the archetypal perfect stocking filler in my book - cheap, silly, and guaranteed to provide loads of laughs on Christmas morning. There's free delivery on orders over £40 otherwise it's £3.50.

Game of Jacks
Dotcomgiftshop, £3.95
Sometimes you just can't beat a traditional toy, especially at Christmas. I remember playing Jacks for hours on end when I was a kid, and this is just the kind of toy to get the whole family having fun together. Perfect.

Toe Socks
Amazon, £3.95
Just like gloves but your feet. Kids LOVE this stuff.

Paper Aeroplane Kit
Marks and Spencer, £1
Yes, you could probably buy a packet of paper for the same price and make your own paper planes but for the sake of a quid why not just spare yourself the hassle?

Jelly Belly Candy Canes
John Lewis, £4.95
Christmas isn't Christmas without candy canes in my house but they invariably end up tasting nothing like my kids hope they will and thus lie abandoned all over the house. Forget that, and play it safe with these Jelly Belly candy canes. Yum.

We'd love to hear your suggestions for last-minute stocking fillers for kids. What's in your little one's stocking filler this year? Come and tell us over on our Facebook page...

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