Six Large Raving Rabbids £8.30 @ FocalPrice

The Raving Rabbids are ace, we found the game for the Wii hilarious and these dudes are now very popular as a pseudo species in their own right. What you have here is a Formation Arts figure collection of six Raving Rabbids for only £8.30 including delivery.

I am not sure how they manage free worldwide shipping but for this price the value is excellent on these six plastic Raving Rabbid figurines. They are not enormous toys at all, they are more for the Raving Rabbid collector or for kids to laugh at and play with.

They weigh in at a mere 265grams and you get some ace Raving Rabbid dudes in the collection. I have to say that my favourites are the little stripy prisoner dude and the bright red one, they are genius. It’s that “Yeah, and?” expression on their faces that gets me laughing every time.

So, if you happen to be in possession of a Raving Rabbids fan, then this should do nicely as their Christmas gift.

Thanks to DJBenz at HUKD!

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