Large Chocolate & Sweet Sharing Tubs 2 for £7 @ Tesco

Chocolate Sharing Tubs 2 for £7 @ Tesco

In need of a chocolate fix? If you need to stock up, or stash some goodies away for Christmas this is a brilliant offer at Tesco. From tomorrow, 1st November, they will have Large Chocolate or Sweet Sharing Tubs on 2 for £7!

It's selected tubs in the offer, so you can pick any two from these:

This offer matches the best offer we saw last year in the run up to Christmas, and we can't see them getting any cheaper than this, so if you want to stock up (and you can resist them!) best get some now!

This offer is online now, and in stores from 1st November until 7th November, and is subject to availability.

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  • Laura A.

    How much smaller have they got this year though :joy:

  • Nelly L.

    Be getting myself some more of those x

  • Nelly L.

    Paid 2 for £9 in co-op last week x

  • Jill H.

    Ummm roses and miniature heroes x

  • Courteney S.

    Ah if only I waited!! Paid £9 for two in coop today! Ah well still a bargain! Lol

  • Barry P.

    Leaving the ones you don't like isn't sharing really is it :thinking:

  • Claire J.

    stock up some more while they're on offer :joy: id best stay away from Tesco as id have both tubs demolished by the wknd :see_no_evil::joy:

  • Ashley A.

    Ooooo id end up eating the best 1s by Christmas though :heart_eyes:

  • Lainy P.

    Ohh yes! That's were I'll be tomorrow then :pig::pig: x

  • Lyndsey H.

    Lol need to get some ready for Xmas xx

  • Gill W.

    Never too early! Although whether they'd make it to Christmas is a different matter....... :joy:

  • Jenna C.

    Yeah worth it while they're on offer lol xx

  • Lyndsey H.

    Won't be around for long either. People rush to buy loads xx

  • Jason M.

    They will be eaten before Xmas :joy:

  • Jamie N.

    Bloody hell, buy this week and I will eat them all by the end of the month :joy: xx

  • Em M.

    We can buy some for now and for Christmas! Can be my syns :heart_eyes:

  • Lisa E.

    Thank u il guess il have to get them xx

  • Lisa L.

    These are totally diet friendly tho so I'm allowed

  • Victoria C.

    I'm gonna get some before they all go x

  • Gary R.

    Omg il be up at 6am to get them

  • Tina R.

    these r cheep im going get some morrow

    • Lucy B.

      Blimey yeah. I’ll get some as well. Tesco always do the best deals on these.

  • Welshy S.

    Can’t have too much at Christmas :christmas_tree::santa_tone1::christmas_tree::santa_tone1:

  • Alison H.

    Tesco shopping tomorrow then?

  • Rachael S.

    I'll pick some up. Xxxxxxxxx

  • Morwenna P.

    Ooo I'll get some of those x

  • Tara C.

    I’m afraid I cannot commit to one! X

  • Gina D.

    One of each it is the :laughing:

  • Andy B.

    2 lots of hero's and 1 of everything else!

  • Yvonne M.

    Defo going for this offer x

  • Daniel M.

    We’ll have to go tomorrow night?

  • Sam F.

    I know where we'll be going for a walk then!

  • Pauline S.

    Thanks will pop in tomorrow x

  • Eleanor E.

    Getting some of those bad boys yummy not all for me obviously lol xx

  • Kerry B.

    Thank you I will be getting some xx

  • Laura H.

    I’d better pop to Tesco! X

  • Diana T.

    Tesco here I come tomorrow x

  • Jessica M.

    Just added to my online shop I wander will they last until Christmas

  • Claire C.

    Thanks my lovely :blush: num num num

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