Ladies Elf Christmas Pyjama Set £15 @ Asda George

Ladies Elf Christmas Pyjama Set £15

Every year I seem to miss out on getting myself a pair of Elf Christmas pyjamas! But not this year, oh no, I have been scanning the shops since August to see if they have any in stock!

I am in luck as Asda George have these gorgeous Ladies Elf Pyjamas brand new in for just £15! Snap them up now before they sell out, I certainly am!

These fab pyjamas feature everyone's favourite elf Buddy from the iconic Christmas film Elf. The t-shirt has a glitter slogan reading ‘does somebody need a hug?’ along with a picture of Buddy the Elf.

The skinny fit, stretchy cotton trousers feature lots of Christmas items such as candy canes and snowflakes. The pyjamas are currently available in sizes 8-10, 12-14, 16-18 and 20-22 and are all in stock at the time of writing. However I am sure they are going to sell FAST! You have been warned!

I can't wait to get my hands on a pair to go with my new Elf Bedding just in time for the festive season!

Home delivery is £2.95 or you can Click and Collect from your local store for FREE!

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  • Victoria H.

    - found your xmas pjs :joy: xx

  • Claire M.

    Oh my god I love them :heart_eyes:

  • Laura H.

    Me too! We need them! Xmas gifts? Haha

  • Claire M.

    Ha ha need them before Christmas though!

  • Nicole M.

    I JUST ordered these from asda :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Gill B.

    Omg :astonished: those were made for me !!!!! Gx

  • Jessica R.

    Yes I'm all over this! Surely it's not too early for a Christmas film Xx

  • Becki T.

    These will make Christmas! Shall we all get matching :joy:

  • Sarah L.

    Ha ha, love it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: xx

  • Leona F.

    These will match my bedding from Asda too :joy:

  • Emma H.

    Craig said I can have them

  • Louise W.

    I know i sent these to mum the other day I need these.x

  • Joanne M.

    Omg so did I :grin::grin: I'm actually so excited !!

  • Debbie C.

    they're just fab :heart_eyes: xxx

  • Abbey J.

    Oh my lordy lord!!! I need these so so bad!!!! Xxxxx

  • Jodie E.

    I know!!!!! I think I need them too!! Xxxxx

  • Samantha S.

    Hahaha. I do love a good hug. X x

  • Michelle H.

    I thought you would like them! Have you saw the bedding??

  • Abbey J.

    We need to be jama twins!!!

  • Vicki H.

    I was thinking we'd just be better sharing hugs at Christmas this year! Cheaper and you won't want one!! Haha x

  • Shona J.

    Might think about these lol x

  • Abbey J.

    We need someone to buy them for us :grin:

  • Leia K.

    I bloody love these !!!!!!!!!!! X

  • Annette P.

    Yes yes yes! They look rather narrow for my legs though!!! Xxx

  • Gill Y.

    The actual line is does someone need a hug but close enough :nerd::nerd::nerd:

  • Daniel S.

    No.......... you need help! :P

  • Pauline P.

    lol, I didn't even read it. Just saw Elf & had to tag you :heart:

  • Louisa H.

    Well they're a bit freaking awesome!!!

  • Gordon B.

    Your pj mad babe :joy::heart:

  • Lisa D.

    You've got more pjs than all the asdas

  • Christine D.

    Omg I need these ordered :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::christmas_tree::santa_tone1:

  • Steph B.

    Yes!! I am bursting to crack out the Xmas jumpers!!! I have a singing Elsa one...

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