Kindle Keyboard 3G And WiFi Refurb £115.99 @ Amazon Warehouse

Kindle Keyboard 3G And WiFi Refurb £115.99 @ Amazon Warehouse

The Amazon Kindle is touted to be one of the Christmas gifts of 2011. It certainly was one of the most popular for Christmas 2010, so it is not too much of a surprise that it is to be as big this year. With the launch of the new Kindle at only £89, this may seem like an expensive option but actually this price is fantastic for what you get.

As a Kindle convert myself, I happen to own the 3G version from way back, a chunky white chap that I love. This Kindle Keyboard (as they are now known since the new Kindle has no keyboard) includes 3G and WiFi and it is the 3G that’s a big deal for me. I have been able to download books anywhere, any time I feel like it. And that is huge.

With the WiFi only version you can only access Whispernet when you are connected to the internet. With the 3G version, you can connect anywhere in the world. I’ve downloaded books while on safari in Africa. Not kidding. This price is fab and while you don’t get a power cable, you can easily charge via USB and get all the benefits without the heavy price tag.

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