New Kindle E-Reader £69 @ Amazon

New Kindle E-Reader £69 @ Amazon

I love this deal and it isn’t technically even a deal! Amazon has put their brand new Kindle e-reader on their site at the pre-order price of £69. It is SUCH a discount that I want to buy it even though I don’t actually need one.

The pre-order price on this Kindle e-reader is much lower than any of the previous incarnations of the Kindle and it is their smallest and lightest yet. It is even faster than the previous model of its generation too.

The new Kindle e-reader weighs less than 170grams, has page turns that are 15% faster, has darker, hand-tuned fonts for easier reading, and reads like paper with no glare in the sunlight. You can download books in under 60 seconds using the built in wi-fi and it can hold up to 1,400 books.

You are not getting as much storage space as with the other models, or as many extra features, but it is definitely a fantastic price and would make a stunning Christmas gift.


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