Kids My Christmas Dinner Plate £2 @ Matalan

Kids My Christmas Dinner Plate £2 @ Matalan

Kids don't forget their fussy with food just because it's Christmas Day. Skip the drama at the dinner table this year and grab them the My Christmas Dinner Plate from Matalan. It's a bargain at just £2.

The Kids My Christmas Dinner Plate is designed to show your child what to expect in front of them come 'turkey time'.

It's fun and should hopefully encourage little ones to eat those sprouts and other veg.

For £2, this is a lovely festive item, that you could pull out year after year, until they tell you they are too big for it.

You can Click and Collect the Kids My Christmas Dinner Plate for FREE from a Matalan Store near you or pay £3.95 to have it delivered.


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  • Lucy K.

    I think Arlo needs one of these! Xxx

    • Sue W.

      He eats better than some of the adults!! Xxx

    • Carla A.

      Got these. Absolutely gorgeous little plates xx

      • Katy L.

        Got more chance of seeing santa than my kids eating four Brussel sprouts :joy:

        • Rebecca D.

          totally getting some of these just cos theyre cute!

        • Lisa J.

          My kiddies already love there sprouts lol xx

          • Laura M.

            Just thought they were cute lol xx

            • Lisa J.

              Might pop and see if theyve got any x