Kids Freebie: Free Animated Kids Christmas Story @ It’s Your Story

This is a fabulous freebie for Christmas and utterly perfect for getting the kids into a festive mood. You can get this little Christmas tale for free by using the code FESTIVEFUN at the checkout. Don’t forget to add a photo of your little ones to really make it personal.

This e-story takes the child on a magical Christmas adventure to the North Pole. There's something to spot on every page from falling snow and glowing candles to a roaring fire and flying fairies.

The story follows the child's adventures when they wake on Christmas Day morning to discover a double-decker bus parked in the garden full of snowmen. Without hesitation the child jumps on the back of the bus and heads to the North Pole to help Father Christmas and his elves wrap, sort and deliver all the presents. Will they make it back to their home before everyone wakes up? And will their family believe that they have helped save Christmas?

Once you have placed your order you will receive an email with a link to view the e-story as many times as you want. This can be forwarded to friends and family for their enjoyment too!

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD!

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