Kids Cookie Cutters x25 £1.97 @ ASDA

Kids Cookie Cutters x25 £1.97 @ ASDA

How cool is this enormous bag of kid’s cookie cutters for under £2? I think that this is a brilliant price and a lovely deal, especially with Christmas coming and all those lovely Christmas cookies that need making and baking. Yippee!

The ASDA Cookie Cutters are a great item for the kitchen for anyone who loves to bake. The assortment of 25 different shapes will keep you and the kids busy for hours as you whip up all sorts of cool cookies for friends, family members and other innocent victims and bystanders.

These cookie cutters are a lovely way of introducing your little ones to the kitchen and the fun of baking, especially when they realise they can personalise these to their little heart’s content. Great fun and ever so cheap. Oh, and you can buy FOUR bags for £6. Get them as gifts!

Thanks to taswir1 at HUKD!


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