Kevin & Katie The Carrot Toys & Books @ Aldi

Kevin & Katie The Carrot Toys & Books @ Aldi

EDIT: Sold out online, available in Aldi stores from Thursday 23rd November.

If you're a fan of Kevin and Katie The Carrot* from the wonderful Aldi Christmas ads you'll be happy to hear that the toys go on sale at 10am TODAY online! There's both a Kevin and a Katie Soft Toy for £2.99 each, and a book as well for the same price!

These are pre-order items available to order online from 10am Sunday 19th November. They will also be on sale in stores from Thursday 23rd November, and sales are restricted to 2 of each item per customer.

These would be wonderful for stocking fillers, and at just £2.99 with free delivery they're a bargain! Even better is that is that sales support the Teenage Cancer Trust charity too.

Lots of people will be in the race to try and grab these at 10am, so good luck everyone!

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  • Jayne G.

    I’m going to get them for kayda for her Xmas eve box xx

  • Marie J.

    They're in shops Thursday just online today

  • Katy-Catherine C.

    I am yes! Thank You, just need to remember to check at 10! Xx

  • Samantha G.

    Thank you flower! I might buy them just for me :joy::joy: x

  • Amie C.

    I seen this! I'll need to try get some for the girls :slight_smile: my mums dog chewed broccoli yesterday :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

  • Stacey M.

    Oooh a book I might try get hold of that! Thank you x

  • Sophie H.

    :ok_hand_tone3: I’ll be on at 10 I bet the site crashes

  • Kirstie B.

    Can’t buy one till 10am :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: x x

  • Christine K.

    I've set my alarm to remind me lol x

  • Ashleigh R.

    Hahaa imagine! Well if it does each store is getting 200 carrots this year they only got 60 last year you will deffo get them

  • Kristina T.

    Islas already asked for them :joy:

  • Sasha O.

    That ok I only want 1 of each anyway :thumbsup: I will be in Thursday haha.

  • Michele B.

    I’d have the book but not the teddies - got enough teddies!

  • Nikki R.

    I know I've set my phone alarm to order

  • Tyler G.

    Oooh I need to go to Aldi. Xx

  • Joanne W.

    Me wanty, wanty, wanty!

  • Louise I.

    Oh i want the book lol xxx

  • Sophie D.

    Yep, im waiting for 10am. Hoping mum is too. X

  • Louise I.

    Online the now but instore on thurs xxxx

  • Laura W.

    Well that's better, better chance online:wink:xxx

  • Emily B.

    :scream:GO GO GO! I think it's only 2 of each per person x

  • Louise I.

    Kevins feelin the cold this year... Never had a scarf last year #robbed

  • Laura W.

    They gonna camp out wed night:joy::joy::joy: may aswell :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:xxx

  • Susan A.

    I’m all over it!!! Lol xx

  • Katie P.

    Gonna get him the book as his Xmas story too lol xxxx

  • Julie M.

    Hannah would love Kevin lol x

  • Joanne M.

    I will be ordering at 10am.:thumbsup_tone1:x

  • Katie S.

    Omg! I'm gunna try and get them :grin: xxx

  • Georgie K.

    Get ready for 10am!!!! Xxx

  • Katie S.

    I'll be refreshing the screen :joy: xxx

  • Jackie B.

    Thanks. The girls will love these! x

  • Stacie G.

    If you don’t find them I will keep a eye out in my Aldi xx

  • Roxanne R.

    Wow love it many thanks Hun x

  • Audreyhomson17

    how can I pre order Kevin and Kate the carrot and book set. Need 2

  • Emma R.

    I know some little boy who would like these :heart_eyes: xxx

  • Abby B.

    Aww knowing my luck they’ll b sold out by the time a get to shop lol xxx

  • Cassie M.

    If they've got any left by Friday x

  • Rahanna H.

    It’s a shame people are buying them to sell on eBay for profit :rage:

    • Sonia M.

      Agree, so annoying, my grand daughter really wants them but people are just buying them to make a profit :rage:

    • Vicki T.

      I sent a message to aldi as I was so annoyed. I know they can't stop anyone but I just wanted one of each for my children. No profit just happy children.:punch:

    • Rahanna H.

      Ano but I also think eBay shouldn’t let them sell them or at least make them donate some of the profits to said charity:) hope you all get one X

  • Stephanie S.

    I’m going at lunch time !!!

  • Kate P.

    im gonna be there first thing !

  • Shirley K.

    Definitely need to visit Aldi on High Street tomorrow x

  • Sasha O.

    I was actually telling fern I'm going tomorrow :joy:

  • ChristopherNemma H.

    Getting mine tomorrow putting them away for xmas present

  • Sharon I.

    Looks like it a trip to Aldi’s then lol xx

  • Alessi W.

    I'm so tempted to go get them for boys stocking lol

  • Kirsty A.

    i purchased a kevin and katie online after hours of trying x

  • Omie F.

    Yeah both the boys what one! The in laws are having them early so I can go before work :)

  • Emma P.

    I know people are already on about getting there for 8 :sob::sob::sob::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: xxx

  • Emma J.

    Oh I forgot about this lol

  • Pauline S.

    I’m going tomorrow, I will try.

  • Vicki T.

    It will be like that film with Arnold Schwarzenegger tomorrow when they all want 'turboman' :joy:

  • Kelly D.

    My Leyla would love those

  • Victoria H.

    OMG!! I need these xx I love the advert x

  • Emily B.

    Need these! My christmas advert of the year

  • Moira M.

    Sold out online...only instore. Dinna ken when i'll get through

  • Raj P.

    I know out tomorrow, I’ve already got them ready :wink::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

  • Elaine W.

    I am going straight from school drop off. Wish me luck

  • Sam M.

    Evil and kanevil will be at school :joy::joy: and yes it’s all the ironing I do!xx

  • Siobhan H.

    Same thanks chic gna be like Jackie Chan in Aldis the morn

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